#1 ~ 6 Feet Over – Alive and Kickin’

Have you ever been so excited that you immediately set up a new blog and start randomly spitting out words to try to express yourself? I’m sure what I’m writing right now will come out like an overly enthused teenaged girl ranting about the latest boy crush…I may be 33, but anyone who knows me is well aware that I still have that annoying 16 year old girl energy. It comes in handy at times, so I won’t apologize.

I was just given (10:17 pm – 2 hours ago to be exact) the BIG GREEN LIGHT on a project that is a topper on my bucket list. Yeah, you’re probably thinking, “Oh that’s just wonderful. Another lofty goal that most likely will go untouched. Poor thing is blogging now and thinks she’ll actually go somewhere with it.” Well, if that was your thought, shame on you and you can gracefully dismiss yourself. 😉 If you’re along for the ride, feel free to leave a comment and make yourself known. I may need your input later….actually, I need your input now…I don’t like the term ‘bucket list’ – I want something that refers to living more than kicking the bucket. Discuss….

The challenging and somewhat fun part about this blog…I won’t be able to say what the BIG NEWS is in detail. ME KEEP A SECRET??? Maybe THAT should be on my bucket list. I’m the one who can’t handle Christmas presents under the tree….I want to rip into everything and share all the good news. I can’t. Hmph….

photo by patapia1

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Candice Jaehn said

    I found it, LOL! I’m dying, I’m just like you, with the whole secret thing 🙂 I will definitely be following your blog! I have no suggestions as of yet, but I LOVE the name of the blog, perfect.

  2. Kerry said

    I’m officially following your blog Mel. Do me a favor and follow my blog back!

    I can’t wait to find out the big news! And you can always count on me for input!

    Hmmmm, the opposite of bucket list. . .what about your Lifelong Dreams List or Dreams for This Lifetime or Here and Now List. . .

    I’ll keep thinking. . .

  3. Two posts & you already have me following you.
    : ) _ I feel like a school girl.. all excited & I don’t even know what is going on! : )

  4. MarCia said

    I am following you too on your blog journey, and cannot wait to hear about one of your goals in life 🙂

  5. Joelle said

    Love bloggs and will enjoy following you my friend!

  6. Hay said

    anybody who doesn’t think that melody can and will do anythign she puts her mind to is a fool.

    i know you will blow whatever this is out of the water. go, baby go

  7. Jessica Graybill said

    OK, I’m officially following you blog, which for me is huge because I dont usually read blogs & I loath SECRETS. It better be worth it. 😉

  8. Roni Marie said

    I am so excited for you…I am anxiously awaiting all updates!

  9. Roni Marie said

    I am having trouble leaving comments…arrgh!@

  10. Roz said

    I so agree with Hay Mel! You are a rockstar and I am so excited for your journey, it is really just beginning!
    HHHHHmmmmm for bucket list how about …lifetime accomplishment list (sort of lame), life to do list, hmmm, my addition to God’s Plan…this is harder than I thought!

  11. Tanya said

    Hey there! I found you on SITS just scrolling through all the roll call comments. Your blog name caught my eye – just wondering what it means. I am 6 feet tall, and I immediately thought you might be another tall woman, but I know I could be TOTALLY off. Just curious.

    And btw, you totally have got me hooked, line and sinker, with your “big secret.” Kuddos on feverishly peaking my curiousity.

    Off the read the rest if your posts to see if you have given in yet 😉

    • Melody said

      You guessed it…6 feet tall! Welcome fellow tall sister! 😉 I’d love to drop by your blog to pay you a visit. Your comment wasn’t linked…let me know the link and I’ll head on over.


      • Tanya said

        Sorry! I was commenting from my phone, and I don’t do that very often, so that’s probably why.

        Here’s my blog : http://2partscrazy.blogspot.com

        Thanks for the reply, and can’t wait for “the news”! 🙂

  12. It's me... Is that you? said

    La lista de la vida… My two cents for “bucket list” don’t know if it translates right but I think it’s Spanish for list of life. I think it sounds nifty compared to the English version of “list of life”…

  13. Heather Fair said

    Just enough information to make me EVEN MORE CRAZY….thanks so much for contributing to my insanity….

  14. Anndee said

    I’m not as dedicated a blogger as you are at this point, but I do have a list. I call it my 40x40xAnndee list. 40 things to do by the time I turn 40. I started it on my 30th birthday last year. If you are looking for a new title there are lots of possible variations. For me, saying “by 40” fulfills one of the important criteria for a true goal, which is “having a time limit.”

    Enjoy your journey,


  15. Crystal said

    haha, you are so funny. Seriously, you are just like me. I’m the same way about keeping a secret. I cannot pull off a surprise for the life of me! I got this amazing gift for my husband for Christmas, I was so excited, that I gave it to him that day, which was only the first week of December. On Christmas day I kept reminding him about the awesome gift, because he didn’t have anything big to open on Christmas morning. He was like, “just remember… there is VALUE in waiting”. He taught me a good lesson. I need to try harder to make surprises a surprise! And WAIT!

  16. ALE518 said

    Good luck Melody! Both at keepin’ the secret as long as you want and at whatever this exciting venture turns out to be! 😉

  17. Hi there. Thanks for your visit recently. I am definitely intrigued as to what this project is. I will be checking back in now and again and wish you all the luck in the world!!!!!!

  18. Jen said

    Hi Melody,

    I love the idea for your blog! I am a Studio Invitiations customer from a few years ago, and you had left such a positive impression with us back then – I can’t wait to follow your blog! Jessie is also our photographer. Isn’t her work just amazing?

    Good luck,

    • Melody said


      Wow, it’s great to be back in contact! I miss meeting with all my clients from Studio Invitations…I’m thrilled you found me here! So happy to be back in contact!


  19. Anna said

    Ok, so this sounds fun. I may be a little behind, but I’m along for the journey! Catch up to you soon!

  20. […] started blogging 2 hours after I got the green light for one of the biggest items on my bucket list. It’s a super secret project that I can’t completely disclose yet due to confidentiality […]

  21. Sounds like it’ll be super exciting, which is why it is so super secret, huh? 🙂

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