#7 ~ 2 hours @ Starbucks, Earphone Man and Inspiration Overflow…

A couple days ago, super awesome rock star-ish Blair (who works here and blogs over here) posted something to the effect of “love your blog…it’s book marked for real…let’s meet up for coffee on my Facebook wall – which not only surprised me, but also caused me to be as animated as a hyped up Yo Gaba Gaba character. Stay-at-home moms will understand this…I get really excited to get out of the house and be a part of a chat session with humans who are potty trained. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and adore my two year old, but Mama’s got to get out and converse with adults from time to time. As an added bonus, Jessica piped in on our Facebook wall conversation and invited herself joined us. (Jessica is a photographer rock star, just in case you didn’t already know.)

I love that Blair picked Starbucks as our meeting point even though she doesn’t drink coffee…or tea. Funny how coffee joints have become today’s meeting arena. Two and a half hours later, I’m amped up on caffeine, I smell of coffee gloriousness and I’m totally inspired.

We talked, we laughed (way too loud) and we caused the nice gentleman seated next to us to put earphones on while working on his laptop. Side note: have you ever done that…put earphones on just to make it look like you weren’t listening to someone’s conversation? We tested him to see if he was faking it, but after Blair shouted, “I’m peeing myself right now” about four times, he didn’t budge a smirk. We were pretty certain he had the music turned up. (By the way, I did give him the blog address…let’s see if he shows up.)

My 6 Feet Over blog was one of many topics of conversation we had. I’ve received several emails from readers who have shared that they are inspired to either create or tackle their bucket list now. You being inspired, inspires me to share YOUR stories on a regular basis…

If you’re interested in telling me about your dreams and/or goals that you’ve accomplished, email me at 6FeetOver.Melody@gmail.com. Are you inspired to make a bucket list? I’m going to tempt you to share…trust me, putting it out there will make you motivated to take action.

Who knows, I may even randomly interview earphone wearing strangers at my neighborhood Starbucks. Hmmmmm If you know me well, you know I might will do it…

photo by ispy5588

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Andrea said

    OK Melody, So I subscribe to your blog and I get the email as I am walking next door to a kid’s party. I could not wait to read it, so I am walking and reading at the same time and…I ran into a low tree branch! Really low, I told you, I am short. What a coincidence, right? Don’t worry, I am not hurt, but I hope my kids will tell me if I have leaves in my hair! Ha!

    • Melody said

      I am laughing SO hard!! That’s hilarious!!! My husband just looked over at me like I was crazy…as if I’m not, right?

      Take a picture with your cell and shoot it over to me, I’ll let you know if you have leaves in your hair! 😉


  2. Tricia said

    Your too funny! You actually gave him the blog website address? Do you carry around business cards that say…Blog by Melody….hehe! That would be cool if he shows up and gives us the stranger perspective visual of you in a coffee shop chatting away….on caffiene no less! Hehe!

    • Melody said

      HAAAA! No joke, right? I’d love to hear what he really thought of us…and I’d like to interview him about his bucket list.

      Oh and now I’m going to have to get business cards! heh heh


  3. Melissa said

    Sounds like a fun time at Starbucks! It would be very interesting to hear the earphone man’s perspective…haha!

  4. Mari said

    I don’t drink coffee but have been known to meet people at the Bigbee here in my town.
    I’m thinking the business card with the blog address sounds like a great idea!

  5. Roz said

    You crack me up! I am not surprised you have inspired and touched so many folks heart – I know I am on that list! That guy at Starbucks was lucky, he just may not know it yet :).

  6. LeighAnne said

    Gotta love laughing with adults! I look forward to hall duty during work so I can say hi to the other teachers around me and have 4 minutes of adult time since I teach kids all day and go home to my sweet girls after work. So I get it! Glad you had an amazing time at Starbucks!

    BTW- Paul Is taking his grandma for a helicoptor ride today! One of the last things on her bucket list. She is visiting and told him on Friday that it’s one of the few things she has wanted to do before she dies and has never done. She’s 90. He booked the reservation right away and her flight leaves at 1 today. She’ll be flying over all of Vegas and the Grand Canyon! She is more than excited!

    • Melody said

      OK, that is SO cool, LeighAnne!! I may just NEED to interview his grandma! For real…


      • LeighAnne said

        She is a great person to talk to! Full of so many great stories! She went from riding in a horse drawn buggy to school to flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicoptor.

  7. Kristin said

    Leighann…..that is awesome!!!!!!! How sweet of you guys to do that for Pauls grandma!!!

    • LeighAnne said

      She had a great time!! 🙂

  8. Crystal said

    haha, I’m laughing out loud. That is soooo FUNNY! LOVE your blog!

  9. Joanna said

    Ye-haw on free mommy time!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. ALE518 said

    Much like many of my cohorts, my career has enabled me to achieve several stereotypical bucket list events…I’ve renewed my own a few times in the last few years… 😉

  11. Hi Melody!

    Didn’t realize it was about 3 months ago this happened. Time flies.

    The spreadsheet I was working on that day, I had typed in your web address. I was re-reviewing that same spreadsheet today, and saw it. So, here I am. Sorry it took so long!

    Wow, you weren’t joking about doing a blog post about it.

    “Ear Phone Man” – very funny.

    To clear things up, I routinely listen to audio content when I’m working on stuff.
    (so this was not to block out you or your friends – I had just got there before you did)

    I work with a lot of high level authors, speakers, experts, etc. and most of them have multiple programs, or systems, in a variety of different niches (dvd’s, audio cd’s, etc.). They usually send me stuff to review, so I listen to it, in the background, and will come up with ideas for them on how to use the same content to market, brand, and package themselves better, or how to attract more buyers for their info-products online.

    Also important to note, I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 11 years now, so it’s easy to tune stuff out. Tend to do my thinking and creative time at Starbucks, and easy to tune out some of the annoying music they play sometimes.

    Here is the funny thing I remember. When I went to use the restroom, which was the farthest point from where all of us were sitting, that is when I heard all of you clearly! Not sitting next to your group, but away. Maybe because there is not music or noise in the restrooms, is why I could hear all of you then.

    The other reason may have been all three of you were mentioning family, being married, etc. Since I’m single, that may have been a subconscious tune out 😉

    By the way, you may want to purchase a domain name that is easily memorable, and simply redirect it to your 6feetover.wordpress.com, so you don’t have to give people a long gibberish url.

    It was definitely great meeting you and your group of friends that day!


    P.S. I’m 6’4”, so do I qualify to be on your 6feetover blog? 😉

  12. YES! Earphone man made his appearance! Rad! 🙂

  13. Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said

    This is hysterical! Totally stoked to see that Marty stopped by! LOL

  14. Lori said

    Oh, that’s funny. It’s Famous Earphone Man!

    Sound like a superhero who has amazing skills with audio files.

    Or, audiophiles.

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