#11 ~ Quick update on the ‘project’ …

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about posting my “Life is like a bowl of bananas” entry last week. I mean, relating life to mashed bananas could go really far south really fast. Trust me, I don’t need any (or should I say ‘any more’) speculation of my sanity being tossed around.

I was humbled by your comments about my analogy. This one really touched me — Kristin over at BonBon Rose Girls said, “I stopped dreaming big a few years back. It’s time to start again!!”  Girl, get your dream on again!! I got a kick out of Kerry’s comment…apparently, I exhaust her. I understand. I exhaust myself sometimes, but I just can’t help it.

I’ve been meaning to update with the progress on the ‘project’…somehow life gets in the way of blogging. I know, rude.

THURSDAY: I had a productive conference call with Mr. Pres and VP.  (Side note: I’m very thankful for a cooperative child who allows me the ability to work from home on these calls, but I must remember that a silent two year old can also be a sign of mischief. Let’s just say, her ‘quietness’ resulted in a run to Ulta to restock my mineral makeup.)

Mr. Pres and VP shared a vision they had for the ‘project’ which takes it from big to ginormously huge. It’s very exciting and if everything pans out, it will be extremely empowering for many. Man, I wish I could share more. Darn confidentiality agreements.

We’re in the design process. Have I mentioned that I’m charge of all the creative design concepts? We’re waiting on the first ‘run’ to be completed for review. There’s something about seeing your creative efforts in the flesh. There are times I still feel like this is a dream and that my peaceful slumber will be rudely awoken by a radio alarm clock full of static. Maybe seeing it will be believing for me.

Starting to look into PR for national media as well….and thinking that if this does take off, I’ll most definitely need to whiten my teeth.

FRIDAY: Amazing photo shoot with the magnanimously talented photographer, Jessie Baldwin of Speckled Bird Art. The photos will help to transform this blog as well as use for the ‘project’…I’m very thankful for her amazing attention to detail and the ability to retouch. heh heh  Oh and by the way, she witnessed how easy it is for me to walk into tree branches…and that’s all I’m saying about that.

This blog will be undergoing a makeover and possibly a new domain name. I’ll keep you informed.

photo by mikekorn

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. michelle z said

    Wow…how exciting I can’t wait to hear more about it. Life can lead us in so many interesting directions, I am so happy that this one is going so amazingly for you. You will are and will continue to be such a successful and talented person.

  2. Julie H said

    Oh Melody…I will not question your sanity, but I am questioning mine…I torture myself with a curiosity that is not being satisfied everytime that I read your blog, but I keep coming back for more. Take it as a compliment. And I don’t think that your teeth need whitened ;o)

  3. Mari said

    Curiouser and curiouser! This is kind of like Lost. I keep coming here for answers and leave more confused! Oh well – I’ll keep coming back! 🙂

  4. KellieS said

    Your positive energy is contagious!

  5. Mari said

    About the Pasta E Fagioli – I did post it quite a while ago, but I recently reposted it, and just made it again too!

  6. Tricia said

    You know if you need anyone to try, do, sample, or use your “first run” I am willing and able!! Hehe!

  7. Melissa said

    I am still very excited…but want to know more!!! I think this is amazing…whatever it is!!

  8. Kim said

    Hi Melody! Love reading your blog. You are so clever. Loved the mashed bananas entry. Interesting treat. Never heard of that.

  9. Roni Marie said

    I enjoyed the mashed banana analogy especially when Hope wanted more…I can really relate to that right now…

    I am really excited and extremely curious about what this project is all about…I guess we all need to stay tuned…

  10. Kim said

    It’s really starting to kll me not knowing what this project is. I’m not the most patient person. When can you reveal this project!?

  11. Andrea said

    I thought the banana post was awesome! Keep it up sister!

    I am here to spread a little sunshine! Come by my blog to check it out!


  12. Kristin said

    Awwwww, lady. You just brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  13. Crystal said

    How exciting! Can’t wait to hear more, and can’t wait to see the new blog 🙂 I’m on a waiting list for mine to be made over. Probably another 3 weeks or so, can’t wait!
    You’re so funny about whitening your teeth and running into branches. YOu make me laugh!

  14. Roz said

    OK, let me start off by saying again how proud I am of you and your dedication! You are truly amazing and inspiring to all of us! Though the part I truly love is about Hope and your make-up – I know this is suppose to be able business, but I am still cracing up about that. She is so adorable! Nonetheless, keep up the great work girl, nothing is to big for you! We are all behind you!

  15. Crystal said

    Hey Melody there are these cute little blog awards going around, I think you already received one from the same person I got one from. I saw you on the list, anyway, you’re supposed to give it to 12 people, but I changed it a bit and I’m just giving them to my top 5 🙂 I’ve linked people to your blog and added a little description about you.

  16. Melissa B. said

    You’ve got the spirit, and I think it’s contagious! Pleased to meet you, and look forward to a return trip…

  17. ALE518 said

    Keep it up Mel! Lookin’ forward to the next read! 😉

  18. Kerry said

    I hope you know Mel that I admire you greatly. I am as exhausted FOR you as by you! Love love love you. XO

  19. Look at you! I am so glad you are blogging here and WOW, sounds super exciting! I meant to comment last month and I read a bunch of posts and forgot to stop to comment. Wanted to tell you HI and thanks for letting me know you were back to blogging! Such mystery and intrigue here! 🙂 Can’t wait to find out more!!


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