#12 ~ Conflict enters stage left…

My report on the ‘project’ for the end of this week involves a bit of a climatic turn….

This will be difficult to expand upon since I can’t divulge any particulars. Once again, my ability to keep a secret is strengthening. In order to not spill the beans, all I will say is that a portion of the fabulous idea the ‘project’ is based upon is now out there in the world. When I first learned this, my heart sank and the butterflies in my stomach invited every aunt, uncle and cousin to join in on their flight.

At first, I wondered it if this would bring everything to a screeching halt. Rude and doubtful thoughts ran through my mind, “See, you were a fool to think this was possible…it was too good to be true!” Yada, yada, yada.

After I RSVP’d that I would be attending Melody’s Pity Party, I changed my mind, picked my self-esteem up from the floor, brushed off the negative self-talk, then chucked the invitation in the trash paper shredder. You could say I pulled an SNL Stuart Smalley…”The project is good enough, it’s smart enough and doggone it, people will LOVE it!” (Right now, some of you youngins are Googling Stuart Smalley.)

This is just a speed bump that will not slow the project down, but instead allow for an astute pause to refine my view of the big picture. The project has an exceptionally finer concept with superior options….and I’m not one to shy away from competition. Truth be told, I thrive on competition, but let’s not encourage too much of it, OK?

This new element proves that the project IS a great idea. I’ll stand on that.

As my husband put it, “Things happen so you can blog about it, remember? And besides, every great story needs a climax.”

I’m strappin’ on my highest heels, throwing on the pearls (because us tall girls not only accessorize, but still like to wear 4 inch heels from time to time) and marching into the battle which will lead to next chapter of this adventure.

Someone queue the orchestra to begin dramatic crescendo…

photo by MissTA

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Mysti said

    ARGHHH….WHAT, oh WHAT is the PROJECT?????????? i can’t stand it anymore!!!!!!

  2. Tricia said

    Ok! It’s killing me! Do I have to google and search “new things that are out?” It’s like trying to solve a huge puzzle and I am so not good at puzzles! I can only do the edges! When oh when will you fill in the middle for me?

  3. Kerry said

    You go Mel! That which does not kill us makes us stronger! Setbacks are just that: setbacks. So you shake it off and MOVE FORWARD.

  4. Melinda said

    I’ve been following your blog and think it is SUPER FUN!! The bucket list is great… and your project is intriguing! Don’t let the speed bumps get you down…. it’s all part of the adventure. 🙂

  5. I hope it all works out, please keep us posted. Send my best, 6FO.

  6. Melody, got your comment. Most certainly I will add you!

  7. Mari said

    Hooray for you and your wonderful attitude. You go girl!

  8. Joey said

    Gosh darn it, people do like you! Great job pulling yourself out of your pity party. Heels make my knees hurt though, I have to find different footwear to make myself feel better. Probably orthopedic.

  9. Marci said

    Just watch out for those low tree branches in those 4 inch heels!!
    Also, Romans 8:28.
    I wanted to come up with a more profound scripture, but maybe I wasn’t quiet enough to listen to what he wanted to say.

    God Bless. You’ll do GREAT!!!

  10. Tiffany said

    STILL on pins and needles….. sigh….

  11. Kim said

    You go girl!!!!

  12. Tezsia said

    Thats awesome that your husband said “things happen so you can blog about it” my husband has the same view.. lol

    Good luck on this project im in the middle of a few.

    and im really great and excuses not to do anything..but recently just had to get my butt movin’

  13. Roz said

    Your stegnth is amazing! Keep on trucking girl!

  14. KellieS said

    It’s all a part of the journey! You walk with your head high and your heart singing in those 4 inch heels!

  15. ALE518 said

    The struggle makes the reward all that more endearing… 😉

  16. Can’t wait to hear more!

  17. Devra said

    There’s just something about wearing a GREAT pair of high heels that makes you feel like you can take on the world!

  18. Melissa B. said

    I’ll be tuning in soon, for the big “reveal”…

  19. Crystal said

    Haha, I just LOVE the way you describe things.
    The bumps in the road are definitely what keeps things interesting. CAn’t wait to hear what the PROJECT is 🙂
    Good ol’ competition. Yes, that sometimes puts a damper on things, but then again, makes things exciting, and keeps you on your toes, and working harder to beat em.
    oh, and by the way, I got my own domain. It’s now
    balanced moms was taken, so I came up with this one, and in fact like it much better 🙂

  20. Kim said

    You have to expect at least one little bump with a big project like this right? It just wouldn’t be normal for it to go completely smoothly. Bumps are what make you work out what bugs there may be before the project is done.

  21. Shana said

    Good for you and your secret keeping – that is something I’m really terrible at. Dying to know what your project is. Good luck is getting past this small hurdle and good job with the Stuart Smalley reference!

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