#17 ~ Audience participation needed … HELP!

You’ve all heard the saying “two heads are better than one” … well, if this is true, then I should be in LUCK. I have a lot of ‘heads’ reading this blog.

This is the part of the adventure where I call on all my readers for assistance. Who doesn’t love a little audience participation anyhow?

I keep coming to a mental road block on something. I have no shame in asking for help. Remember, I professed this a few posts back. Ha. Please, help me…my brain really really hurts right now and I swear the wrinkles on my forehead are going to freeze like this. (Just picture a very thoughtful somewhat stressed look on my face….them are some ugly wrinkles it’s creating.)

OK, this is going to be a challenge to explain. How can I tell you exactly what I need without saying exactly what I need? Ugh.

I just stopped typing so I could think of how to word this.

Just stopped again.

Ten minutes just passed between my last sentence and this one.

Alright, I’m going to keep this as general as possible. I can’t be breaking any confidentiality agreements…

Shout out (in a comment because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to hear you from your computer) any words, SHORT phrases, play on words or ANYTHING that comes to mind when I say the following:

  1. Modern twist on old-fashioned
  2. Unite
  3. Polite
  4. Considerate

We reserve the right to use anything you post here for the purpose of the ‘project’…so make it fabulous and share as much as you can! If you think of something later, come back and post it on this blog entry.  Feel free to leave multiple comments if needed.

I can’t tell you what it’s for, but I will tell you that if we end up using the exact phrase or term you suggest, you’ll get a shout out for it…a very cool shout out. I’ll interact with your comments in order to provoke your thought process if you’re close to where I’m going with all this.

On a side note, you’ll LOVE the LLC name. I wish I could share it right now. Oh and you won’t believe how awesome ‘project 2’ is…holy moly. I really can’t stand keeping all these secrets. Things are moving along so the story will be unfolding…

photo by svilen001

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Anthony Fleming said

    1. Modern twist on old-fashioned

    Retro is the key word that comes up for me. Retro Metro? Retro Diner?

    2. Unite

    There’s always United States of…

    3. Polite

    Pole Light? Manners is another word that pops into my head – Miss Manners? mismanners – like when people do things incorrectly. Okay, now I’m just making stuff up, that’s not even a word!

    4. Considerate

    Consider8 – if there were 8 things, that could work. I think the key thing behind consideration is awareness – so that’d be another important word for me. It’s difficult to be considerate when you’re unaware of what’s going on around you.

    Okay, that’s all I got. Great blog, Mel!

    • Melody said

      Awesome brainstorming going on, Anthony … not so much ‘retro’ than just newer. Hmmm Can’t think of a way to expand more.

      If you think of more, drop another comment.


      • Melody said

        Wait, my last comment is confusing…sorry, I was doing 3 things at once. I mean not so much ‘retro’ … more just traditional…

        • Anthony Fleming said

          hmm…that makes me think of “back in the day” if you wanted to do a modern twist on that, maybe “back in today”?

          hmm…i think i also like the word appreciation for where this is going…like having an appreciation for consideration and tradition…there’s a lot of tion’s going on there…like conjunction junction…

          consideration junction, what’s your function? linkin up people and makin ’em nicer… 🙂

          okay, i shouldn’t be allowed online at 6:30 AM…

  2. What about modern mannered? Or moderned manners?

  3. Julie said

    When you say “Old fashioned” afre you looking for a positive connotation?

  4. Roz said

    Modern twist on old-fashioned –
    This totally makes me think of recipes, mostly cookies, that were your moms, grandma’s ex and you change them. Like taking those famous chocolate chip cookies and adding something fun – Sorry I am pregnant!
    I also think of Vintage – people love vintage things today from stores to clothes.
    You could use a play on words like Ancient Prevailing or Contemporarily Outdated…I don’t think I am much help for this.

    Unite –
    I think of disasters or life changing events, people always come together – that seems quite sad though! It could also be like a marriage of some kind (of course outside of the traditional meaning).

    Polite –
    What people often forget to be! I am not sure what has happened to this in the world sometimes, you have to a distinguished or refined person to polite – there’s some words, lol.

    Considerate –
    Again what people often forget about. I think of kids. Children are so loving and it is so pure some times. Think about how Hope has said or done something so ridiculously sweet and it was just her being her. I love when my boys doing things like that, it can be as simple as picking a flower for me on a walk or I love when they open the door and say ladies first mom. 🙂

    So that was a lot of rambling, I hope it helps at least a little!

    • Melody said

      Awesome feedback…thanks Roz!

      Hopefully, after this launches, more people will be polite. 😉

  5. Julie said

    Classic Charm
    Traditional Etiquette
    Vintage Charm

    This would be SOOO much easier if I knew what it was for. Hehehehe ;o)
    More to come…

    • Melody said

      It would be SO much easier if I could tell you! ha!

  6. Melody said

    I like where you’re going with etiquette. Time-honored. Hmmmm like that, too.

    Yes, please bring on more. Thanks, Julie!

  7. ALE518 said

    Haromonius Calliope
    Symbiotic Charisma
    Neuvo Graciousness

    Off-beat, I know…but that is what brainstorming is all about, right? 😉

    • Melody said

      Yes, off-beat…but any feedback is great. 😉

  8. Tricia said

    Let me think awhile in this one…I’ll get back with you!

  9. Lara said

    Oh wow, you have my head just spinning thinking of things. I’m sure I’ll come back when I can think more, but this is what first pops into my mind…

    Modern twist on old-fashioned
    – new fashioned

    – connect
    – join in
    – bring together

    – kind

    – decent

    I need to think some more. So exciting to be a part of the process!!

  10. Jenn C said

    I’m going to need to think on this a bit. The suspense is KILLING ME! Now I’m looking at these words as clues and I can’t stop thinking about it! lol

  11. I’ve got nothing. Is George W. Bush going to be your spokesperson?

  12. Lia said

    This sounds very intriguing … I will be back to learn more. Hugs, Lia

  13. Andrea said

    Girl, I am just not good at this stuff. I guess that’s why I don’t have a big project! I am going to think about it and come back later though!

  14. Tricia said

    Ok, this is really hard not knowing what kind of product this is for, but here’s what comes to my mind…..
    50’s homemaker woman, today’s vintage, grandma’s attic, Tattered American banner, cozy threads of time, yesteryear anew,  peices of nostalgia, gracious     

    • Melody said

      OK, I just got a warm and fuzzy feeling reading your ideas. 🙂

  15. Mari said

    I am no good at this kind of thing. Some of my thoughts are already posted and I’ve got nothing new. If anything pops in my little head, I’ll be back!

  16. Heatherita said

    Modern twist on old-fashioned FAMILY FUN
    ” ” ROMANCE
    ” ” VALUES
    Unite AND IGNITE
    ” ” AND EXCITE

    Thats all I got.. nothing for Polite or Considerate except to say that I pray to the Lord Reece continues to display BOTH of those qualities as he grows…

    • Melody said

      Hmmmm it’s good to know that parents out there desire their little ones to display those traits. Very good to know. 😉

  17. Julie said

    You had me thinking about it as I was in bed last night. I LOVE a word challenge or word game (just ask Dustin), so anytime you are up for some scrabble, boggle or anything to do with words/letters, I am “Game.” :o)

    Polite/considerate = refined, mindful, courteous, common courtesy, noble
    Old fashioned = nostalgic? reminiscent
    Noble Nostalgia
    Refined Reminiscence

    That’s all for now…

  18. Julie said

    I lied…I wasn’t done…I was still thinking…
    I also like the sound of Nostalgic Nobility

    • Melody said

      Keep ’em coming…you may take the prize for the most ideas! 😉 Love your feedback!

  19. Shelly said

    OK–here goes Round One off the top of my head: Today’s Traditions, Current & Cultured, Perpetual & Proper, Modern Mannered, Klassic Kindness,
    Manners Movement, Simply Charming, Cotillion Classics, Time Tested Traditions, Common Courtesis, Common Classics, Common & Cultured, Age of Kindness, Modern Yet Aged, Modern Ages, Then & Now, Ageless Traditions,

    • Melody said

      Great ideas! Thanks, Shelly! I like the Manners Movement!! Hmmmmm

      • Shelly said

        I liked Movement, too. It’s a noun that wants to be a verb! I like something that shows action! Plus it ties in the “unite” concept you were looking for. Most movements require a call to action by like-minded individuals.

  20. Julie said

    So I left. I went to take a shower. What do you do in the shower (besides wash your body, of course)? Think. Are you getting sick and tired of me thinking yet?
    Okay this may sound off the wall, but hear me out…
    Recycle – to use something old to make something new – so this is my untradtional and new age definition of “Old Fashioned.”

    Class – Someone who is kind, polite and considerate is classy or has “Class.” Class can also be used to define a group of people with a common bond, i.e. a social status, age, school group, etc. Therefore, it has a double meaning because it also meets the definition for “Unite.”

    Recycled Class can be taken a different was as well – people that receive politeness, kindness and consideration from others are more likely to “Recycle” it, reuse it and pass it along to others.

    And besides, it sounds like “Recycled Glass,” which is a play on words and kinda catchy. You can use it for the name of a website because it is simple and easy to spell. You better hurry and register the domain name before someone else does and tried to make a million selliong it back to you. Oh wait….that’s a good idea…BRB…..okay, I made my purchase for the day. HAHAHA!

    I gotta quit thinking…it’s starting to hurt 😉

    • Melody said

      You are hilarious, Julie!!! I personally think that you should be thinking of this assignment at all times…even in the show! ha ha! Love your ideas!

  21. Crystal said

    How fun, don’t worry about those wrinkles 🙂 nothing a little botox can’t fix. kidding, I’m a little skeptical of botox. Anyway, about your post, great idea to ask others for help. I will think about these words a little today, and see if I can come up with anything to bring to the table. I’m heading out the door right now.
    Oh, and I mentioned you again in my post for today. I’m also going to be featuring different people weekly now, I REALLY hope you don’t think I’m stealing your idea. I’m doing it on Fridays because I didn’t want to take away from your motivation Mondays. Mine is really gearing towards helping others share their creative ideas and products, and offer giveaways and such. I would love to feature you sometime after you’ve revealed the BIG project 🙂 I’m looking forward to it, and will support you in any way I can.

  22. Eliza said

    Non ideas, but I am now following your blog (found you from Crystal at Wannabeabalancedmom). Great blog! I’ll get my brain a workin’ but there’s some pretty good ideas already flowing here…

    • Melody said

      Hi Eliza! Thanks for following! If you get any ideas, shoot them over here!

  23. Marci said

    Okay, So I thought I was going to come up with something GREAT!…..Then I remembered—I’m NOT creative! Then I looked at the other comments and thought “Wow, these are great!” I hope you get what you are looking for! Or at least inspired to come up with one..

    How about “Miss (or Mrs.) Melody’s Mindful Manners Merge”

    Okay, so I already warned you I’m NOT creative!!

    • Melody said

      LOL Love it! Hmmmmm You have my mind thinking in a different direction now!

  24. KellieS said

    A Modern Twist on Old fashioned – Somewhere In Time…Today.

    Unite – Imalgamation for the Nation.

    Polite – The graciousness of a butterfly’s wings.

    Considerate – A prescription for world peace.

  25. Pam said

    I’m thinking *roots* or *rooted* might work to describe old-fashioned. If this involves children in any way, you could probably tie this to family as well.

  26. Julie said

    I promised myself that I was done thinking about, but stuff just keeps popping into my head…forgive me, I can’t help it.
    What about using the word, “Preserved?” Like for things that are old fashioned that are/have been preserved…memories, photos, clothing/wedding dresses, jewelry, even as in fruit preserves.
    You can used it with a word that fits into the polite/considerate genre, i.e:
    Preserved Manners
    Preserved Etiquette
    Next to the name, I see a cute little picture of a preserves jar. The jar has a hand written notecard that reads “Etiquette” tied to it with a cute bow.

    Okay, this is my last post…
    or is it? Duh duh duh

  27. Tricia said

    Eloquent etiquette…Pristine Patina..Pure Presence…I like the words generations and polished…man I wish I knew a little more what it’s about! Something with manners….Hmmm!

  28. 1. Modern-day Chivalry
    A trendy classic
    Timelessly modern
    2. Fuse/ Mesh/ Cohesive/
    3. Well-mannered
    4. Aware

  29. Rayne said

    Hey Melody,
    So I am at work and decided to spend some time catching up on your blog. I am so curious what you are planning but know it will be fabulous. It is so hard thinking of ideas when I am not sure of where or what I am trying to make it work for. You have gotten so many great ideas. Wow Julie is on a roll. So here goes…..
    Timeless Treasures blend with Cutting-edge Culture
    Cultured Classics
    Affiliating Archaic with Avant-Garde, Establishing Elegance
    Fusing the old with the new
    Refined Relics
    Ok, I am going to keep thinking. So many ways to go with this, if only you could narrow it down a little more for us. Good luck Melody. If you need any more ideas, you have a great and creative group of followers. Wish you the best with this super secret project.

  30. Melissa said

    I love thinking about this…I’ve been thinking since your earlier post a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure I have anything…so here it goes…
    Classically Chic
    Timeless Traditions
    Properly Polite
    Courteously Chic

    I will keep thinking… 🙂

  31. Melissa said

    One more…
    Cultured Traditions

  32. Kelly Jo said

    Polite, considerate, and also kind, are words I hope people use when talking about my daughters. For these are qualities that truly matter.
    I’ve been missing you, as soon as I’m adjusted to my new job I’ll be back to stopping by more frequently!

  33. Kim said

    Old Fashion – My Daddy. He is from Tenessee. Southern gentlemen. Believes in Old Fashion ways.

    I have 2 friends from North and South Carolina. They remind me of sweet old fashion southern hospitality. Love them dearly and have learned so much from them. Sweet Carolinas! So generous and helpful (polite). Putting others before themselves (considerate). We are sisters in Christ (United).

    So excited to see what you have going on!

  34. Date Girl said

    As Marshal on How I Met Your Mother would say, “Damn that’s intriguing!!” I can’t wait to hear what the project is.

    Here are my two cents, and I’m sorry if I repeat what others have already said:

    Modern twist on old-fashioned- classic, or contemporary classic
    Unite- join, combine
    Polite- etiquette (I’m immersed in stupid etiquette stuff for my wedding planning, UGH)
    Considerate- thoughtful

  35. 1. Modern twist on old-fashioned
    Vintage meets TopShop
    2. Unite
    Bringing together things or people who should never have been separated; mother and daughter, fork and knife, Laurel and Hardy….Letterman and the inside of a jail cell……
    3. Polite
    Miss Manners does Blogging
    4. Considerate
    Telling someone when you are going to apply your own particular brand of behaviour on them: “Hi, I’m just phoning to let you know I’m not going to come along tonight, even though I promised I would because, quite frankly, I have a better offer”. This is considerate. Rude would be just not showing up. ;O)

  36. Becki said

    OK, chiming in late, but here’s what I’ve got. Without knowing what direction this is going, this is where my brain heads.

    Modern twist on old-fashioned:

    My first thought, for some reason, is about the twisted glazed donuts (maybe it’s the pregnancy!). And then the French Twist up-do. I also tend to think of Classic. Update. And Reinvent.


    Connect, Intertwine, Tangled, Come Together, Form. Tied. Bonded.


    Polite society. As in of days long ago. I also think of rules. And etiquette. Good breeding (OK, I read too many historical fiction books).


    Thoughtful. Generosity. Gentle. Empathy and the ability to evaluate another person’s needs.

  37. […] quick thank you before I wrap things up….everyone who gave input on THIS POST really helped our thought process in an area of the ‘project’ we’re working on. Since you all […]

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