#30 ~ Being a follower is underrated. (and a few clues)

“The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.” – HA, so being a lone nut isn’t such a bad thing! I’m in luck! This video is HILARIOUS…I cannot stop watching it…

Speaking of followers…I LOVE MINE!! When I started this blog, I never imagined I’d have so many followers and so quickly.

Some new followers have been sending me emails, comments and tweets asking what my blog is all about. First off, thanks for joining me on my adventure. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea (I just made some blueberry pomegranate tea…it’s fab!) and make yourself comfy…

Oh and a BIG WELCOME to “Earphone Man” – I blogged about the guy who sat next to us at Starbucks and he found my blog yesterday and left a comment on the post named after him! LOVE IT!

So, what is this blog about???

You can catch up on your reading by either clicking on the first month I started blogging (January 2010) on the right hand side of this blog and then scroll down or you can click on “The ‘Project'” on the tag cloud on the sidebar.

The name “6 Feet Over” – I’m 6 feet tall and I am trying to accomplish some rather big items on my bucket list before I’m 6 feet under. (By the way, I’ll be posting my full bucket list when my blog makeover is done…see below.)

I started blogging 2 hours after I got the green light for one of the biggest items on my bucket list. It’s a super secret project that I can’t completely disclose yet due to confidentiality agreements, but trust me, it’s a good one.

The Characters:

  • I pitched my idea to Mr. Pres. He’s not the President of the USA, but he’s a President of a pretty large company. He loved the idea of the project and in January he said, “let’s get this started!”
  • Another character in this story is VP. He works with Mr. Pres.
  • We’ve recently added Web Dude to the mix. He’s, well, our web dude and has one of the largest roles in the national company we’re starting. So, if it all fails, it’s his fault. No, just kidding. 😉
  • There will be more characters added to this journey soon. PR Girl is amazing and I cannot wait to introduce her to you all! This gal has some astounding  accomplishments.
  • Then there’s Big Wig Editor Man who is following this blog. Truth be told, it makes me a little nervous that he’s following because I’m fully aware that I need an editor…or a brain transplant. Maybe I could get a neurologist to follow the blog, too?

Earlier this month, I blogged about my trip to see Mr. Pres, VP and Web Dude. VP and Web Dude live in the same state (not the state I’m in). Mr. Pres and I live across the country from each other, so getting us all together in person for a meeting is a bit of a challenge. I’ll most likely be visiting Web Dude on a somewhat regular basis soon. Luckily, I don’t have to travel too far. (Hmmm, clue maybe???)

What do I blog about?

Oh and another thing, my blog is undergoing a HUGE BLOG MAKEOVER! Yaaay! Revka is working on it and it should be revealed within the next few weeks. I snagged a domain so the web address will be changing, but I’ll give my subscribers the heads up.

Follow meeeee….

Speaking of, you can subscribe to this blog by email or RSS feed. Just go to the top right of this page. You’ll only get notifications when I update the blog. I don’t spam and you shouldn’t either.

You can find me on Twitter, too.

So, here I stand…dancing to the beat of my own drum…the lone nut. Thank you for following. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for picking me up when I’ve thought I was crazy for dreaming so big. Thank you for making me laugh with all your comments and emails.

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. I LOVE your blog and it is definitely one of my favorites! I have been meaning to add you to my blogroll but I’ll wait for the new web address so I don’t have to add it and remove it! I can’t wait!!!

    • Melody said

      Awwww ~ thank you … I LOVE your blog, too! I’m going to have a blogroll when the makeover is done and I’ll be adding you! 🙂


  2. Mari said

    That video is great! I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face. I did always think you were a little nutty, but I’m happy to be your follower!

    • Melody said

      HA! I’m SO nutty!!! I’m happy to be your follower, too! You and I go way back to “Pennies In My Pocket” blog days! Gotta love the blog world!


  3. Renee said

    I am so glad you introduced yourself on BF because I just love it over here! This project sounds very intriguing – Are you sure you don’t need a Professional Organizer? 🙂 I loved the video too – I think I am that lone nut sometimes, so I had to share it on my facebook!

    • Melody said

      Girl, you NEEEEEED to organize my closet and my office. lol Just may keep you in mind when the project launches…I’m SURE I’ll need your organizing skills! 😉

      That’s great you posted it on Facebook. That’s where I found it!


  4. Danielle said

    Loved the video mel… and I’m loving the blog too. Can’t wait until the project is revealed.


  5. Great summary update, Best Wishes on these next steps with your venture and adventures!!

  6. Kerry said

    I’m not going to try to figure out your clues. I’d rather be surprised!!

  7. Ok! 1st of all that video is absolutely hilarious!! Secondly, I found your blog a few weeks ago, and have really enjoyed it so far!! =) Finally, I really look forward to getting to know you better through your blog/twitter! Can’t wait to see the makeover and big project!! Have a great night! =)

    • Melody said

      I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well! So inspirational! Twitter is my new addiction…as if I needed another way to socialize! ha! See you in tweets!


  8. Courtney said

    I don’t know….shirtless dancing guy (who appears to be in his panties), kinda creeps me out. LMBO!!! Staying tuned!! 🙂

  9. Jon said

    First of all…That hilarious video is so profound, it’s disturbing! Second…keep on being that lone nut! The lone nuts are the ones who make things better in the world. Last…I’m happy to be a witness to your movement, so keep moving.

  10. I found this through another website you posted on and I just wanted to say that that video was hysterical. Absolutely made my night. So, thank you. 🙂

  11. Angelica said

    That is hilarious!!! Thanks for making me laugh tonight!

  12. I loved this! The sad thing is I “danced for 3 years” before I ever showed off my mad “dancing” skills with the blogosphere! I drank your koolaid and will be stalking your updates (but not in a creepy stalker way…I just wanna dance with you!)

  13. Lynn said

    I’m bustin up laughing at …

    “Then there’s Big Wig Editor Man who is following this blog. Truth be told, it makes me a little nervous that he’s following because I’m fully aware that I need an editor…or a brain transplant. Maybe I could get a neurologist to follow the blog, too?”

    My brother in law is a neuro … I’ll forward him the link to your blog.

    Love it!

  14. Lori said

    I Love this!!
    Have watched it a couple of times, commented on your BlogFrog post, tweeted about it (via BlogFrog) and will share on Facebook before the day is out!
    I found you Twitter via BlogFrog. I’m having a blast as part of the marketing team! So many great and inspiring women – so little time. My own blog is next on my list.
    Keep it up. We’ll be dancing with you!
    Shine On!

  15. Andrea said

    Okay, that video is great! I love how towards the end people are RUNNING to go join in. And the guy in the tight red undies! So funny!

  16. The dude in the video made me want to get up and dance too. Sad that my internal monologue insists that he is on drugs.

  17. I’m so excited to see what’s next!

  18. KellieS said

    Hey Mel,

    Glad to see you are doing well and moving forward with everything. I think I know what your project is but I won’t tell anyone. Good luck with it all. I’m excited to see it come to life.

    People follow you because you are inspiring and real. Keep it up.


  19. I just got caught up after being away on a few adventures of my own. Thanks for all the new posts. Again, your killing me with the “project” anticipation. Can’t wait for the reveal. Might have a little secret “project” of my own brewing. You can sit with baited breath for a while now. HA. Keep up the good work, and if you need any help that I might provide…don’t hesitate.

  20. That is a profound and brilliant video. Thank you for sharing it!

  21. Gwen said

    AWESOME video! I have a new blog too and really, really felt like the “lone nut” but things are slowly turning around! Have a fantastic day.


  22. GREAT video – and so nice to meet you over at our BlogFrog! 🙂

    Congrats on the exciting project!!!! 🙂

  23. […] Aaack, I fear I’ve shared too much. (If all this ‘project’ talk is confusing you, click HERE and it will make […]

  24. Roni Marie said

    As always, I’m intrigued. Thanks for sharing your gift of blog~!

  25. […] Aaack, I fear I’ve shared too much. (If all this ‘project’ talk is confusing you, click HERE and it will make […]

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