#32 ~ Favorite Things Friday

Lots to update you all on, but I’ll save it for next week. My head hurts (literally) from trying to take a lot of exciting stuff in. I’m completely amazed by the people who I have been in contact with lately whether it be a 5 hour phone call or a Twitter conversation. I’ll be WAY busy the next 3 days, but I’ll stop by your blogs when I get my laptop back. Pray for me…don’t know how I’m going to survive being separated from it for that long!

I’ve received a lot of feedback about turning this weekly post into a blog meme. I’m excited you want to participate. It’s a great excuse to make a cute little bloggy button for sidebars, too. Working on that…

Here are my faves for this week…

I’m starting with my favorite comment of the week. I’m still cracking up and Mr. Pres is laughing, too!

“So exciting! When in the world are you going to be able to tell us what it is? I must admit, though, I love how secretive you are being by not showing the faces of the Big-Wigs…all I can picture on the “Suit” is a big Jack-in-the-Box head like in the commercials. Haha!” ~ Julie

Julie posted this comment on the post that finally pictured Mr. Pres. Maybe we should call him Jack now? ha!

Meet my favorite designer, Candice Olson. She can be found performing design miracles on HGTV’s Divine Design as well as Design Star . Having her design ANYTHING in my house (she could design the polish on my toenails and I’d be thrilled) is on my bucket list. My kitchen and family room are begging for a visit. Oh and another thing on my bucket list, her wardrobe! She’s over 6 feet like me so I notice her threads. Trust me, it’s hard to find anything that fits right when you’re this tall.

I know I mentioned Einstein Bros Bagels last week, but this is my blog and I can repeat myself if I want to. 😉 I’ll change things up a little by expanding … the Nova Lox Bagel (no onions, extra capers) is my FAVE! Oh and it’s not too late to get your coupon for $2 Tuesday and Free Bagel Friday!

I love love love the color green and I like to decorate with green foods…like this one. I like to eat them, too.

I LOVE my crock pot. What’s better than a home cooked meal that you really didn’t have to cook? I’m all for letting someone or something else do it for me. If you share my passion for slow cooking then you MUST visit this website.

This purse is my FAVE even though it’s NOT mine! lol A lovely fellow blogger by the name of Crystal is recycling it and giving it away on her blog. Now, that’s a FABULOUS idea…reduce, reuse and RECYCLE, people! Hmmm I’m looking around the house trying to find something to giveaway…

Some of YOUR Favorites…

I thought it would be fun to list some of the favorites that you mentioned in the comments last week. Feel free to share this week and I’ll pick a few to highlight.

Eliza from Postcards from Parenthood loves Night-A-Mins from Origins. “It smells like an orange creamcicle!” ~ I LOVE it, too! It does wonders for your skin! A bit pricey, but mine lasts a longgggggggggggg time. I am out of it now though. 😦

Date Girl from The Date Girl Diaries loves “a feel good romantic comedy. Can’t get enough of those, especially the Harry Met Sally/Sleepless in Seattle/While You Were Sleeping type of flicks.” I’d have to concur on this one! I think I’ve seen Sleepless in Seattle at least 60 times. I love You’ve Got Mail, too!

Kerry from Life Seems But a Quick Succession of Busy Nothings (personal friend of mine, btw…love her!) ~ “Jane Austen – I downloaded a (free) app of her collected works to my iPhone so I have her humor and romance and wit at my disposal at any time. There is nothing like an Austen novel for comfort.”

What are your favorites? I’ll pick some to post next week!


  1. My faves for this week are my Zumba classes…because they were cancelled for Spring Break this week and I miss them so much and can’t wait to finally go back in the morning!

    I am also in love with Ultima Replenisher All-Natural Electrolyte drinks. I am even giving away 5 boxes of sample packets on my blog!

  2. Eliza said

    Thanks for the mention!!!

    I really love this idea. It’s almost like having a bunch of girlfriends together dishing over favorite products and things…..pretty soon it will be like Oprah’s Favorite Things show!!! Ha!

    I too saw Crystal’s purse giveaway and thought that was a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

    PS I just ran out of my Nightamins too and I’m dying!!!!

  3. Date Girl said

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, I feel so lucky!

    I love artichokes and my slow cooker gets used all winter long. Mhmmmmm.

  4. One of my favorite things is a “for-no-reason-other-than-I-was-thinking-about-you” card in the mail from a friend. With all the quick methods of communication, to receive something hand written that took thought and effort means the world to me.

  5. Great favorites, thank you Melody! Your pres has his own antenna ball, very cool.

    My favs include-
    Cuisinart immersion blender, amazing, especially for soups and sauces.
    Paula Dorf Baby eyes liner pencil- makes you look like you got 2 hours more sleep!
    Hawaiian Tropic Faces sunscreen – great price, effective High SPF and Does not burn your skin or eyes!!!

  6. Hey cool!

    Every Friday I do a “Friday Favorites” post about this that and whatever it is that I am in love with at the moment. I’d love for you to check it out! From Lisa Leonard’s jewelry to garden gloves to Benefit concealer to jeans to books I’m reading…

    This week with the warm weather finally arriving, I’m in love with Skinny Cow ice cream cones – they are just as good as a Drumstick and MUCH skinnier!

  7. Renee said

    Oh, this is a GREAT idea! I am thinking of ALL the favorite organizing materials and products that I could talk about… defenately something I’ll have to incorporate into my blog.

    I love, love, love You’ve Got Mail! I have seen it at least 50 times. Hmm… more favorites – Makeup! (and watching those silly tutorials on YouTube). And I also love Crystal’s white purse in here givaway too – maybe I need to tweet it for another entry 😉

  8. Holly L said

    What a great favorites post. Candace Olson is awesome…I check out her clothes too…I am just at 6′. Yum artichokes….I have the privelege of living near the artichoke capital of the world…castroville, ca!

    Thanks so much for coming by on SITS Day!
    504 Main

  9. Today my favourite things are sunshine and friends. Preferably combined into a big picnic, with a glass of chilled white wine and some home-baked goodies.

  10. Kerry said

    at the risk of sounding crazy…oh what the hey…one of my favorite things is sweat. that’s right. Since I started running a year ago, my skin and health has never been better. It’s the sweat getting all the toxins out. see, a little crazy but you asked. 🙂

    I also love, love the black cherry mocha at Starbucks. It’s like a chocolate covered cherry but with caffeine. even better!

  11. Jamie said

    I’m loving the cold press coffee recipe from Small Notebook and simple syrup recipe from All Recipes. We’re moving 25 minutes from a starbucks and these two things together get me a pretty good (and totally cheap) iced coffee

    http://smallnotebook.org/2009/06/04/the-secret-to-great-iced-coffee/ and

    Saves a bundle and it’s tasty.

  12. Thanks for listing my favorite thing – Jane Austen – and linking to my blog! I’m just a lowly pop culture blog, but I am always happy to get new followers!

    I had sushi today and wished it was with you, Mel.

    • Melody said

      Ahhhhhhh SUSHI! That so is going on my list soon! Salmon sashimi … I miss it…I miss sushi with Kerry! Soon, friend, soon!

  13. Hi Melody! I love the idea of turning this into a meme — I am having fun going through all the favorites ❤ I need to get me some artichokes… When I get too busy, I always forget to eat healthy and seeing that picture full of greeny goodness reminds me that I should really cook a decent meal tonight. It IS Friday afterall!

    As for my favorite? Panera's Asiago Cheese Bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese. Yum, yum.

  14. Melissa said

    Have you seen Sarah’s House? She is quickly taking over Candice’s spot in my heart.

    • Melody said

      No, I haven’t seen Sarah’s House! I need to see it if it’s taking over Candice’s spot in your eyes because that means she must be uber fabulous! Looking at the listings now! lol


  15. Crystal said

    So fun, yes, you should make it a meme, if you had a button I’d totally have it in my sidebar.
    Good luck going without your lap top for 3 days. I recently did it for a week and it was crazy! But also VERY refreshing 🙂
    I wish my printer was working so I could print off those einstein bro. coupons. Love coupons for restaurants, helps me justify eating out so much 🙂 As long as I’m saving money then it’s okay to do it every day right? 🙂

  16. keely said

    Happy Saturdays from SITS!

    I’ll add some current faves- almondmilk in my cinnamon hazelnut coffee, naps with my infant gal, my husband’s recipe for spaghetti carbonara, the smell of fresh lilacs…oh my goodness, I could go on for paragraphs.


  17. Mimi said

    I love the Jack In The Box head!

    I’m a Welcomista & am stopping by to welcome you to SITS. I’m also hosting a giveaway on my blog if your interested in stopping by.

    Have a great night!

  18. Kimiko said

    I love this post. Great ideas.

    I would say that Coastline Cabernet Sauvignon is my new favorite wine that I purchased from the new Total Wine store in Summerlin. Great wine selection at unbelievable prices at this new store.

    Best workout/running shorts EVER…..


  19. Julie said

    How could I NOT comment on this post? Hehe I saw the “Jack” picture and immediately started laughing. Did you really tell that to Mr. Pres aka Jack? hahaha! I also love Candice Olson, she soooo needs to come do something with my family room. My favorite thing to do right now is go to Faith’s soccer games; there is just something about watching twelve 4-year-olds kick a little ball around a field that is beyond entertaining…I will be so sad when the season is over. Fave shoes = flip=flops – can’t live w/out ’em. Fave new gadget = ipod touch. Fave app = Words with Friend – I’m addicted to it, and it’s your turn by the way. :o) Fave new recipe = Turkey meatballs – I made them twice this week. And my favorite blog to follow = Six Feet Over ;o) Yes, I had to throw that in there.

    • Melody said

      YES, he did read it. I texted him your comment. He thought it was hilarious! Oh and you’re just getting points left and right with your last favorite you listed! 😉

  20. Tricia said

    Favorite things

    Poppy’s Frozen Yogurt Dairy free sorbet! 
    Words with Friends app
    My Dehydrater 
    Homemade Tofu yogurt
    Bikram yoga

  21. Jen said

    I love my new perfume Harajuku Lovers Baby by Gwen Stefani. The bottle is sooo cute!!

    I also love my favorite singer Morrissey. I love his voice! He’s made some awesome songs while he was solo or when he was with the band The Smiths.

  22. My new favorite thing is a person. She’s this super tall, super cool chic named Melody. From her blog posts to her Tweets, she makes me laugh, think and just want to be more like her. First on my “Make Myself Melody Makeover” is to buy some stilts and take a rockin’ good picture of myself for my blog. Next…come up with a super cool project that I can’t tell you about but will intrigue you…

  23. […] can do bagels. You know that’s on my favorite list […]

  24. …Well you could always combine your two loves – recycling and iphones and recycle your iphone 😉

    Chelsea http://www.vertigorecover.com

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