#35 ~ Wordless Wednesday (my hand painted life)

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©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Oh how sweet! I cherish the pictures my kids have drawn over the years. Very cute!
    I’d love for you to come by and take a look at WW post. I’ve got Mr. Linky up as well so come on over and link up! See you soon. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

    • Melody said

      I linked up! 🙂 You made the creepy crawlies so cute!! 🙂

  2. That is so sweet! 🙂

  3. Wendy said

    I love the artwork, but those little hands are too precious!

  4. Louise said

    That is beautiful, I love kids art, it decorates my walls

  5. I love little hands. The tiny dimples. Very sweet shot!

  6. Melissa said

    Great picture, such cute little hands.

  7. Jen said

    That’s just adorable!!

  8. Busybx6 said

    Great photo, I love it! Thank you for sharing

  9. Ms. Latina said

    I love this drawing and how you included the hands. I treasure the drawings my own sons made and still have many my 15 and 9 year old made. They are more valuable to me than the paintings I’ve purchased over the years!

  10. What a precious memory 🙂

  11. Aww, what a sweet picture – and I love the painting! Such a simple photo says so very much – beautiful! 🙂

  12. What a great picture!! I can’t wait until my kids can do such good paintings.

  13. I love little one’s art work! So sweet!!

  14. Great Picture!! So Cute!

  15. BK said

    Very exciting and sweet (hand painted life)! That ‘I ♥ U’ simply stand out! :o)

  16. Mari said

    Awww – that is so sweet. And those little hands are just precious!

  17. I love the little hands in the picture! I have a stack of paintings like that – I’m not sure what to do with them all!

  18. Rachel said

    Love it!! 😉

  19. Dee said

    How sweet….quite the little artist. I need to get out the paint!

  20. JDaniel4's Mom said

    What a great piece of modern expressionism!

  21. Kathy said

    This picture doesn’t need any “words” posted to it….. it speaks volumes by itself 🙂

  22. Jodi said

    I love kids art work! Happy WW!

  23. Andrea said

    I love this! It’s a framer.

  24. Winter said

    How sweet. Little tikes pictures are the best and always suitable for framing.

  25. That is precious, thank you Melody.

  26. Molly said

    That is so sweet, I just had to call a coworker over to look.

  27. mizhelle said

    that is worth framing 🙂

    u may view mine here

  28. Olivia said

    Very cute! Happy WW!

  29. Beth said

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! So cute! I love your blog!!

  30. Crystal said

    So cute!
    I have a little binder for all of Lily’s art work. She loves looking at them and adding to it 🙂

  31. Precious!

  32. Ahh..not a word is necessary. Absolutely precious!

  33. iyampam said

    i tried real hard to take an interesting photo today for some of the wordless wednesdays. my skills STINK!

  34. Awwwww that’s so sweet! 😀

  35. Hi Melody! This is the sweetest thing. I used to make my parents “art” all the time as a kid. I remember taking a trip to my dad’s office once and seeing it plastered with my little doodles — it made my 4 year old self very proud!!

  36. Renee said

    I am re-posting this at the advice of Melody, as my mush brain used the wrong account – duh!! Oh my gosh – all of that food is making me drool (I am on a super clense this week – gack!!) Those baccon things are intriguing – I will have to check them out in 8 days. The confrence looks like a fun time! You looked absolutely gorgeous in your photos – your pictures remind me of someone famous… Martina McBride maybe? My fav girlfriend things are of course girl’s night out, spa days, and just spending time doing something adventurous like hiking or ziplining – I need one of those big time!

  37. Trish said

    Hi Melody, I just caught up on your Blog, it’s perfect thanks for the facebook invite. I hope to keep up with you, you are a wonderful writer!


  38. […] never understood how much joy hand written/painted notes from your child would bring until now. They are all I really want for Mother’s Day…I already have […]

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