#36 ~ Favorite Things Friday (girlfriends edition)

A very brief update on the ‘project‘ before I dive into a few of my favorite things (I’m singing those words not nearly as beautiful as Julie Andrews)…

Waiting for the green light to meet up in person with Mr. Pres, VP and Web Dude again. I’m gathering more data for the graphic designer(s) and trying to tame the butterflies in my tummy. All of this is so exciting! I’m hoping to give a good clue next week, but just know, you being here participating (via comments) will end up being a part of the ‘project’ in the end. Aaack, I fear I’ve shared too much. (If all this ‘project’ talk is confusing you, click HERE and it will make sense.)

Told you that it was a very brief update.

Here are my favorites for this week…

Once again, I’ll start today’s faves with my favorite comment of the week….and let me tell you, flattery will sometimes get you everywhere. ha! She’s a riot and made me literally laugh out loud with this…

“My new favorite thing is a person. She’s this super tall, super cool chic named Melody. From her blog posts to her Tweets, she makes me laugh, think and just want to be more like her. First on my “Make Myself Melody Makeover” is to buy some stilts and take a rockin’ good picture of myself for my blog. Next…come up with a super cool project that I can’t tell you about but will intrigue you…” ~ Crayon Wrangler

I’m going to dedicate this week’s Favorite Things Friday to things I love to do with my girlfriends. If you’re a man and you’re reading this DO NO CLICK on the big X on the corner of this page. Take notes and gather some ideas for Mother’s Day. 😉

I’m a huge fan of pedicures. Not so sure that the nail tech working on my big feet feels the same about me. Hey, if my feet were any smaller, I’d fall over. I’m having a few girlfriends over tonight for Melody’s “Get Your Toes Done” Social. What’s could top that? Mine will be free! It’s going to be a fabulous evening!

At my party, I’ll be serving my favorite Bacon Bacon dip. If you haven’t tried it, you’re seriously missing out. It most definitely could be on my top 10 list of reasons for living.

Another thing I’ll be serving, strawberry water.  Light, refreshing, tasty, easy and pretty! Slice up some strawberries, add to water and ice and you’re done. It will kind of look like this. I picked up a pretty 6 qt beverage dispenser on a wrought iron stand for only $8.99 at Ross in their home goods section. Love that store!

Of course, a girl loves to shop with her friends. HomeGoods is my new favorite hang out. I haven’t met a girl who hasn’t loved it. If you don’t have a HomeGoods in your ‘hood, you can check out their blog or my personal favorite is the Customer Finds section of their site.

Before I move on to YOUR favorites of the week (thank you for your comments last Friday, btw), I’ll conclude with my absolute favorite thing to do with the girlfriends…attend a Women of Faith conference. I usually make a trek to the Pacific Northwest with some very dear friends of mine. We make it a girl getaway weekend. Well, times are tough right now so going out of town wasn’t in the budget. WOF was in my hometown. At the last minute and unexpectedly,  Sheila Walsh herself (one of my most favorite inspirational women on the planet) gifted me with two tickets! Let me just tell you, they were the most phenomenal seats – Floor Row B! We had an amazingly blessed time and the Lord spoke to me loudly and clearly. Love it when that happens. I was also able to meet some magnificent women. Thank you again, Sheila….and I hope we really can do lunch some day…I promise we won’t go to Red Lobster. ha! 😉 Oh and by the way, you’re a hoot to converse with on Twitter!

This is me telling Sheila how thankful I was to her…or something to that effect that would cause a funny look like this. 😉

Another thing I love…Twitter…and Sheila does, too…pretty sure she’s Tweeting here. ha! These ladies were FABULOUS! (The ladies on the ‘porch’ – just below the stage – Luci Swindoll, Kim Cash Tate, Sheila Walsh, Karen James, Natalie Grant, Lisa Harper, Nicole Johnson – not pictured Mandisa … another favorite of mine) FAB seats I had thanks to Sheila!

Some of your favorites…

And now, on to some of your favorites. Be sure to leave a comment with your faves from this week and I’ll pick a few to mention next week!

Keely from Lollygag Blog says one of her favorites is “almond milk in my cinnamon hazelnut coffee” … OK, YUM! We just switched to almond milk this week and we LOVE it! Oh and coffee with the girlfriends…another item on my top 10 list!

Christina (Ume) from Umi Origami said, “Panera’s Asiago Cheese Bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese. Yum, yum.” Ummm, yeah! I’ll take two, please. You know from previous posts that bagels with the girlfriends is a fave of mine.

Adelle @ ready…GO!…get set! said, “This week with the warm weather finally arriving, I’m in love with Skinny Cow ice cream cones – they are just as good as a Drumstick and MUCH skinnier!” –  Ice cream IS my BFF. I love me some ice cream COUPONS, too.

What are some of your favorites this week? I’ll pick a few and post them next week!

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Christina said

    *does the “I got mentioned” dance all over your blog*

    Haha Panera has become my “office” where I get my work done during the week so I am sure “my employees” will appreciate the bagel props! I’ll be sure to send them your way ❤

    What is my favorite thing to do with the girlfriends? I would have to say Chinatown. We go to random noodle houses, eat wonderful food, and then proceed to end the night with boba tea. Hanging out with the boys involves a very different night out (at the sports bar… watching UFC) But both groups of friends have their charm and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

  2. Tiffany said

    My favorite things…. hmmm… it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ll start with my kids… the sound of their giggles when they’re doing something “secretive” and don’t know I can hear them; watching them sleep — it’s the most peaceful and wonderful time. I often wonder what crazy ideas and plans they dream about. Alone time when every one is in bed. Being a homeschooling mom now, it’s not often that there’s quiet in our house. BUT, along with that, goes the fact that I love being a homeschooling mom… seeing their faces light up when they learn and discover something new — nothing can beat that! My husband… he’s my favorite. 🙂

    Italian food…. a big bowl of pasta… lots of tomatoes and basil… YUM!!!! Big glass of true Southern Sweet Tea…

    I’m a pretty big fan of pedicures too…. LOVE THEM! Hair cuts…. the feel of getting a fresh ‘do. 🙂

  3. GlowinGirl said

    You totally stole my favorite things to do with girlfriends — well, sort of! 🙂 I LOVE to kidnap a bunch of my favorite girls and go to a Beth Moore Conference. The singing and learning together . . . the eating out on the way down and back . . . .the staying up late gabbing in the hotel room. Delicious!

  4. Mari said

    Man – you listed so many of my favorite things! It made me happy just reading this. My favorite since yesterday is my new Michael Buble CD. I’m loving listening to it while driving!

  5. Right now, my absolute favorite thing to do with my girlfriends is to get dressed up (which pretty much means nice jeans and a super cute top and heels) and go out for a nice dinner. There is just something so relaxing about laughing and chatting with friends accompanied by good food and good martinis that I can’t resist! We are planning an overnight trip sometime soon too and I can’t wait!

    BTW…I LOVE that Bacon Bacon dip…served with the Beer Bread!

    Some of my other favorites right now are Caramel Nut Blast Balance Bars. I can’t live without them.

    I am also loving Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner. It is super cheap and gets me salon worthy results!

  6. Tricia said

    Anxiously awaiting an update! Can’t wait….It’s like needing caffeine in the morning!! Love the Favorites…,I’ll have to add some to my grocery list!!

  7. Mandy said

    I love Bacon Bacon and pretty much all of Tastefully Simple’s things!!

    Women of Faith is an amazing experience. 🙂

  8. keely said

    Stoked to have made the list!

    A favorite ‘girlfriend’s’ thing to do? Drink wine. Lots of it. Good, bad, way too sweet, whatever. Being “wine tipsy” is the best kinda drunk out there. ‘Cept maybe for tequila. But those days may be but a distant memory…

  9. Hey! I love this! Thanks so much for the mention! Be sure to stop by today’s Friday Favorites, page, too!


  10. Gasp, Swoon, Faint, Get back up and look at the computer again, Gasp, Swoon and proceed to leave comment…

    Thank you for the link-up on your Favorite Things (now to just BE one of your favorite things!) I was given a pedicure once as a maternity gift. Considering my feet are highly ticklish, it has gone down in history as the most “grit your teeth and hold still” moment in my life. I have never done it again, even though my “dogs” aren’t just barking; they are on their hind legs begging!
    I bet WOF was amazing! I have often wanted to be able to sit in the audience and get some spiritual osmosis. My mom is (refuse to name drop in your comments) a Women’s Leadership blah, blah, blah Specialist at Lifeway and shuttles me into the backdrop of some great conferences, but never in the audience.
    I think a favorite thing of this week would be Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Disposable Razors. Now that summer is here and I am doing some skin landscaping, my legs really appreciate the smooth shave and moisture bars.

  11. Lori said

    Favorite girlfriend things, two of them: 1) Putting on outrageous shoes and going out for cocktails and munchies, or 2)putting on comfiest jeans and going out for mochas and munchies.

    Hmmm…there seems to be a theme.

    Have a GREAT Friday, Melody!

    -Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

  12. Rachel said

    LOVE the pictures from the Women of Faith conf. I would LOVE to go sometime! Looks awesome!! Have fun @ your pedi party tonight!! Also, I don’t know how you’re keeping your secret so well! I would be dying by now!!! Can’t wait for the clue next week! 😉

  13. New Me said

    Oh my gosh – all of that food is making me drool (I am on a super clense this week – gack!!) Those baccon things are intriguing – I will have to check them out in 8 days. The confrence looks like a fun time! You looked absolutely gorgeous in your photos – your pictures remind me of someone famous… Martina McBride maybe? 🙂

    My fav girlfriend things are of course girl’s night out, spa days, and just spending time doing something adventurous like hiking or ziplining – I need one of those big time!

  14. all I have to say is… seriously girl, can you get any prettier?

  15. I LOVE starting my morning with Toaste Nute Brulee oolong tea from Teavana. Actually, any day that starts with ANY tea from Teavana is guaranteed to be a good day. I call it my cup of serenity. =)

    • Uh, that’s Toasted Nut Brulee. I lost control of my fingers there for a moment.

  16. iyampam said

    i’m not very smrt so i have no idea what this new surprise is! i just cant get the hints. oh well, i guess i’ll just hafta wait and see like everyone else. unless, of course later on tonight when youre drunk you wanna tweet me or summin. im just sayin. not like i’ll tell your secret. cuz i’m forgetful and wont remember it anyway!

  17. macabee98 said

    Looking forward to a clue about the ‘project’! Have fun at the pedi-party…that is a great idea!

    I just posted one of my favorite things of the week on my blog, which is Yoplait’s Greek Honey Vanilla yogurt. I add fresh blueberries to it and it makes for an incredible treat! Here is a link to get $1 off.


    Happy Friday!

    -Kimiko @fortunatefeline.wordpress.com

  18. Crystal said

    haha, I loved that comment !
    Great pics!
    Love pedicures and glitter toes! I just went and bought the stuff to do it myself from Sallly’s beauty supply. I don’t like to do my own pedicures, but I figured I could save $60 by doing the glitter toes myself 🙂 It’s double the cost because of course Lily’s gonna want glitter toes too. I tried it out on her toes last night, and I’m pretty impressed with my skills.
    Have a great Mothers Day!!!

  19. Kerry said

    One of my favorite things in this world is SUSHI. As you well know, Mel. And one of my favorite things to do with girlfriends is camp out at a sushi bar for hours and talk and eat! We need to that again soon!

    And if anyone reading this blog is looking for the best sushi in Las Vegas, look no further than Kai Sushi and Steakhouse at 4246 S Durango Dr, just south of Flamingo Rd. I’ve been patronizing the sushi chefs that opened this restaurant for eight years and they are lovely people who serve the freshest fish!

    Kai is definitely one of my favorite things!

    • Melody said

      We’re going to make this happen sometime soon!


  20. You had me at pedicures and Homegoods!!

  21. What a blessing to get to go to the conference. I’ve never been, but sounds awesome. Of course, now we’re all wondering how the Lord spoke to you. Maybe you can share about that? : )

  22. Alex said

    Oh wow…my long lost sister…I love Home Goods and Bacon Bacon dip! This is so shallow of my, but dear god girl, could you be more beautiful???? And there’s 6 whole feet of you?

    Thanks for stopping by and making my SITS day such a wonderful experience. Your time and your words mean the world to me.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner

  23. Okay, totally confused re.the VP, Jack in the box, President, etc. I am looking forward to learning about your successes soon.
    Adorable fav things list.
    Hmm, love See’s and Ghiradelli chocolates, Enstrom’s toffee too.
    Thank you!

  24. I’ve never had a pedicure. I do think I need one.

    My favorite thing of today was getting really super gross gardening and then taking a hot shower. A great thing that is mostly free.

  25. iyampam said

    did someone say tequila?

  26. Eliza said

    Oh man, I haven’t had a pedicure since being pregnant, and I need one bad!!! I really should go get one!

    What is this Bacon Bacon dip you speak of??? It says bacon twice so I’m assuming it’s full of bacon-y goodness. What do you recommend serving it with? (I love those “Chicken in a Bisquit” Crackers….would it go good with those- or is that too much “meat” flavor?)

    I got some more favs for you…
    T-shirt sheets. I just love how soft they are….like your favorite worn concert t-shirt.
    Peonies…yay spring!!!!
    Nars Orgasm Blush….because I have a 6 month old and it’s the only thing that makes me look human in the morning, plus it looks good on any complexion.
    The new Dark Cherry Mocha at Starbucks….it’s a treat reserved for special mornings.

    Love your blog Melody!

  27. Rachel said

    Dark Chocolate!! It’s healthy, right??? =)

  28. My favorite thing is…..watching movies with friends (even if the 1st time ever seeing Elf I was distracted by all the awesome food and wonder gab).

  29. […] favorite comment of the week comes from last week’s Favorite Things Friday […]

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