#37 ~ Motivation Monday – 100 Year Old Doctor, Dr. W.G. Watson

Last week I strolled through  some of my favorite blogs.  I noticed Mari at My Little Corner of the World posted a video of a dear old doctor. When I say old, I mean 100 years old! He has been practicing since 1947 and has delivered between 15,000 – 18,000 (who can keep track after 15K?) babies, still does house calls and his partner…well, he DELIVERED him!

I just had to post his story. If he doesn’t motivate you to pursue your dreams and passions, I don’t know what will.

I’ll tell you what, if I live to be this old (which is most likely to happen because I have insanely amazing genes like that), I want to be doing what I LOVE and believe in!

Be inspired and motivated …

Another video with more details of Dr. W.G. Watson’s life:  click HERE

“I’m not planning on retiring. No. I have something to get up for every morning.” – Dr. W.G. Watson

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Mari said

    That’s a great clip on him! He is really inspiring!

  2. That is amazing! Thank you Melody. When you can match your vocation with your avocation, that is a true gift.

  3. Melissa said

    I was watching some talk show…I think that Dr. that Oprah endorses. I forget his name now. Regardless, they did a study on people who are super old and aging gracefully. The key factors were diets low in meat, mental exercise (like the Dr above), and physical exercise. There you go, the fountain of youth!

  4. GlowinGirl said

    It is inspiring to see that life isn’t over because of aging. I think we honor youth and beauty so much that we miss the fantastic opportunities we have as we age. A fountain of wisdom! Thanks for that reminder.

  5. Rachel said

    Wow!! That’s amazing and SUPER inspiring! Thanks for sharing, friend! =)

  6. Jen said

    That is so amazing!! He seems like such a caring person. How inspiring!

  7. marcia seibert said

    Wow! I hope I can make it to 60!

  8. I’m amazed by people like that. I used to work for an attorney and his partner who was well into his 90s. He spent his 80th birthday white water rafting! I wish there was some secret to having that quality of life right until the end.

  9. That is absolutely amazing. And quiet frankly, he doesn’t look like what 100 years old is in my head. He’s taking excellent care of himself.

  10. Crystal said

    That was a great video. Wish he was my doctor 🙂 Wow, that’s amazing he’s been in practice that long.

  11. Christy said

    what an inspirational story..and such a lovely man. thanks for sharing this…it really makes my day!

  12. Maki said

    Oh my goodness, bless his heart! This is so amazing – how wonderful is that he’s still practicing. Fabulous post – thank you!

  13. Wonderful and so inspiring in a day of craziness in the health care world. My beloved grandfather was a doctor who did house calls in his small community and pretty much delivered every baby in the county – he would be appalled at the way the world of medicine is run now and I suspect this sweet man is as well. Yet he keeps on and remembers why he is doing what he does – at the age of 100!!!

    What a great video – thanks for posting, Melody!

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