#39 ~ Favorite Things Friday (mom’s edition)

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and of course every woman who has given birth is fully aware of this. If you’re a father and reading along then consider this your final warning reminder. (By the way, breakfast in bed is a wonderful start to the day.)

I had every intention of sharing my very special Mother’s Day story, but I’ll save it for later. It’s a story that took me on an almost decade long journey through infertility, self reflection, soul searching, praying…

Our little miracle child was born on Mother’s Day. She was nine weeks early and my guess is that she knew how much Mother’s Day meant to me. She’s amazing like that even though she didn’t realize she’d be in the NICU for seven weeks. Whew. 😉

She’s almost three years old and I still cannot believe I get to be a mom. It hasn’t fully set in that she’s ours. I’m thankful each and every single day. Again, I’ll save the story for later.

Before I start with the fun stuff, I encourage you to reach out to a woman that is having a hard time with the celebration of Mother’s Day. Whether she is unable to have children and so desperately wants to be a mom or if she has lost a child or her own mom…reach out to her. Don’t let her be forgotten…

This edition of ‘Favorite Things Friday’ is dedicated to things that Moms love…or at least this mom.

My favorite comment of the week comes from last week’s Favorite Things Friday post:

“My favorite things…. hmmm… it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ll start with my kids… the sound of their giggles when they’re doing something “secretive” and don’t know I can hear them; watching them sleep — it’s the most peaceful and wonderful time.”Tiffany

Gotta love giggles and slumber. 😉 I love everything about being a mom…the unsolicited kisses and “I love you”s, her little foot always in my personal space, toys in the family room, sippy cups on the couch, being the one she runs to when she’s hurt or scared, the feeling that my kisses cure her pain. I love it all.

I’m not your typical woman. I really don’t care if I ever get a bouquet of flowers sent to me. Actually, I’d rather put the money in something that won’t die in a week. I’m just practical like that. I do love hydrangeas though. Too bad I’m in the desert where they don’t stand a chance.

Before having a child, I took quiet time for granted. I like to do anything quietly now. Reading a book is one of my favorites. I have a stack of Malcolm Gladwell writings on my nightstand and I’m almost finished with Sheila Walsh’s Beautiful Things Happen When A Woman Trusts God. I recently tweeted this quote from her book..it has been in my mind ever since I read it, “Suddenly I began to see that my brokenness was a far greater bridge to others than my pretend wholeness had ever been.” – So profound!

Speaking of quiet time, I don’t know any mom who wouldn’t love getting a massage during some quality quietness.

I love to celebrate any occasion with a nice sushi dinner. (…and so does Kerry as mentioned last week)

I never understood how much joy hand written/painted notes from your child would bring until now. They are all I really want for Mother’s Day…I already have everything I could ever desire.

Some of your favorites…

Be sure to leave a comment with your faves from this week and I’ll pick a few to mention next week!

The Mommyologist mentioned a few of her faves, but this one has been on my mind… “I am also loving Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner. It is super cheap and gets me salon worthy results!”Side note: If I were to ever come across a bazillion dollars or so, I’d hire someone to wash my hair every time needed. ha!

Rachael at A Steady Rain said, “Dark Chocolate!! It’s healthy, right???” – Umm hello, need I say more? Who has the chocolate…pass it over here!

GlowinGirl at Sugar Tails is a girl after my own heart … “I LOVE to kidnap a bunch of my favorite girls and go to a Beth Moore Conference. The singing and learning together . . . the eating out on the way down and back . . . .the staying up late gabbing in the hotel room.”

What are some of your favorites this week? I’ll pick a few and post them next week!


  1. Tawnya Rosenthal said

    For me it is the feeling and excitement of coming home after a long day and hearing “Mommy I missed you so much!” Followed by the biggest hug and kiss ever. That is my personal favorite. Now if we are talking outside of home, definitely would vote for reflexology followed by a fresh fruit smoothy! Yummy! Thank you for sharing your blog with all of us! It is fun to read!

  2. Tiffany said

    Omg…. you had me in tears. First with your wonderful words about being a mom.. then you quoted my post. Thank you. I have always known that you would be a great mom… even when we were dumb, stupid teenagers… I knew. You are an amazing mommy… an incredible wife… and one of the best friends a girl could ask for. Mother’s Day is your very special day…. enjoy it and relax for a little bit. I know am…. I’m getting a massage. 🙂

  3. marcia seibert said

    One of my favorite things was when I got to go to Disneyland with my niece (3years old) and we stood in line (forever even to me) to see the princesses and when we finally got in se saw her favorite one (she was in the same dress)…looked up at her and said ” I love you Princess Tiana.” OMG my heart melted!!

  4. GlowinGirl said

    I’m feeling extra special right now. I think my favorite thing this week might be that you picked my comment to share! 🙂 Another favorite thing would be to watch my nephew soar over the hurdles at his track meet and then come over to play with Baby Girl afterwards. They adore each other, and I love to see a cool junior high kid without the worries of being too cool to sherbert a belly in front of his friends.

    I enjoyed your list of favorites — especially the books. Time to read? That’s almost a thing of the past. I have a stack of books just calling my name. Maybe Sunday I’ll get to enjoy one! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Thanks for mentioning me Melody!! I’m telling you, Garnier Fructis is awesome. I am a total shampoo snob, but this stuff fits the bill! I am with you on the whole bazillion dollars thing though!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  6. Rachel said

    I just love this post every week! How amazing that your little girl was born ON Mother’s Day!! I can’t wait to hear the entire story! I’m also right there with you on the massage!! Sounds wonderful. Never tried sushi before though….I’m kinda scared!! =) Have a wonderful Friday, friend! I may try to e-mail you about something later today! =)

  7. Kathy said

    Always, always my favoriate thing will be my 3 granddaughters yelling ….. “Nanaaaaaaa” whenever they see me 🙂

  8. Rene W. said

    Aww – Mother’s day must be extra special for you! What a blessing to have your baby enter into the world to honor you. It sounds like a long fight, but so worth it!

    Mother’s day is bitter sweet for me. I lost my mom to cancer, and I do not have children so it is always a reminder of what I do not have. But I choose to celebrate this day with friends and recognize the true sacrifices that women make every day to make their world go around. (I guess I could say that I am the “mother” to an energetic 7 year old Weimaraner who I call my “fur baby” 🙂 She is my favorite dog!) Have a great one!!

  9. Eliza said

    Hi! I did want to let you know your comments are posting onmy blog….I’m not sure why you couldn’t see them.

    Uh, I would love some sushi right now! Delish!!! Plus, I am a lover of hydrangeas as well! I have four bushes right outside my bedroom window.

  10. Melody! I absolutely GASPED out loud when I read that quote. I wanted to SAY something like this at the end of that post but I just couldn’t articulate it. She did Perfectly. You were right and THANK YOU for directing me to that!

    Mother’s Day this year is also my 12th anniversary. I miss my mom more on Mother’s Day than on any other day, but it helps to have tha anniversary as a distraction. I’ve gotten flowers this week, Gerberas (my favorite), and had a sushi lunch with the huz yesterday. My first grader unwrapped and gave me my gift already last night – homemade soap by his own sweet hands. It’s all good!

    • Melody said

      I just KNEW that quote was for you. I’m so glad it touched you.

      I’ll be thinking and praying for you on Mother’s Day…I hope you have a peaceful day filled with loving memories of your mom that only bring you joy. Happy Anniversary!!

  11. Mandy said

    How wonderful to have your miracle on Mother’s Day. Hope you have a great one! 🙂

    I am lucky gal…I’ve been spoiled by my students all week for Teacher Appreciation Week and now I get to be spoiled this weekend for Mother’s Day! Sweet!

  12. Kerry said

    This week my favorite thing is getting a $10 off coupon for DSW in the mail! I went today and bought two pairs of wedges for summer – one brown and one black. Hooray for new shoes!

  13. I think this beautiful, inspiring post is my Favorite thing this week.
    To Mommies Everywhere! And what a lucky young lady your daughter is, truly!

    P.S. Thanks for the funny comment about slow drivers, so frustrating, dangerous too.

  14. My daughter is going shopping later today to get me something for Mother’s Day. It’s more exciting for me than Christmas waiting to see what this perfect gift her 5-year-old mind has chosen for me.

    • Melody said

      I completely agree! Mine is too little to really shop yet, but I ADORE her hand written cards. They’re the best! Really, anything she does just warms my heart.

  15. Terrie Patton said


    Mother’s Day is very special to me also, I know your story, and being able to be a tiny little part of it by praying with you, makes me cry with joy, as I sit here and type this. God is so amazing that He give us the desires of our heart. I was told I couldn’t have any children, so both of my girls are miracles from the Lord.

    They are now 19 and 22, with Ally getting married on June 5th. I loved being a mom, it was the most rewarding experience and ministry of my life. The best part of being a mom with grown girls, is when they smother me with hugs (even as adults) and text me just to say “I love you Mom.”

    I can’t wait until you share your story, Melody. Have the most blessed Mother’s Day (since Hope’s birth) ever. I love you.


    • Melody said

      You are so sweet, Terrie! Thank you so much. I love you and your family, too! We are just both so blessed as mothers…I can’t wait to experience all the joys that she will bring me throughout the decades!

  16. Courtney said

    One of my favorite things about Mother’s Day….is knowing that I can have a relationship with my daughter that is so much better than the one I have with my own Mom. That each and every day is an opportunity to be different and NEW with God’s help. 🙂 I hope this isn’t a downer, but I know there are so many people out there like me who don’t have the best relationships with their moms… we need to encourage each other to work on them whenever possible, or make peace with it and know that we are loved. Mother’s Day can be a simple reminder that I AM special, and I can be the person that my child needs me to be. 🙂

  17. Thank you for reminding us of the blessings of motherhood. It sounds like you’ve travelled a long hard road to get there. And one thing’s for sure, you didn’t make it to where you are in a big yellow chariot. lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by Melody. It’s always nice to see your beautiful face in my comments screen. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

    PS My favorite thing this week: Watching my husband hold our youngest child in his arms, sunshine filtering through her hair. She looked like an angel. 🙂

  18. I’m so glad your got your baby on Mom’s day and that your NICU baby was able to come home healthy and happy. Thanks for mentioning the women who might have a hard time with Mother’s Day, I was thinking it might be very tough for some people, I’m glad someone took the time to say it out loud…I on the other hand was too wrapped up in myself to do that, or even have a mother’s day post. I suck. 🙂

    Hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner?

  19. Melissa said

    That is so sweet that your little miracle was born on Mother’s Day. You must’ve been so scared then, I can imagine it adds to your disbelief over her now. It took me a little over 3 years to get used to the idea that my daughter was mine and that I was actually her mom. It’s a huge concept to swallow.

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