I’ll be baaaaaaaaaaack (said like Arnold, of course)

Hi all! Yes, I’m still here. Yes, it’s been FOREVER. So much has been happening over the past several months, but the new blog IS almost here. I just couldn’t blog and chew gum at the same time so I had to pick my battles…

I’ll catch you all up as soon as the new blog is up and running. It’s cute…and a little cheesy. You wouldn’t expect any different, now would you?

So, I’m wondering if anyone is still out there. ha! πŸ˜‰



  1. Kathy said

    I’m SO glad you’re baaaaaack ….. I’ve been waiiiiiiiitttttting πŸ™‚

    {{{hugs }}}

  2. Rene W. said

    Very cool! I had to refresh my memory, but now that I see your smiling face, I am excited to see what you have in store for us πŸ™‚ Welcome back!!

  3. Date Girl said

    You’ve been missed! Can’t wait to see the new blog.

  4. Teri said

    It’s been a long time! πŸ™‚

  5. Candice said

    I’m still here!

  6. Mari said

    I was so happy to see you pop up in my Google Reader! I’ll be waiting to see the new blog!

  7. I’m still here too! I think about you every now and then. I’m interested to see if all will be revealed on the new blog.

    Also, I’m switching from email subscriptions to RSS so if you get a notification that I’ve dropped you, it’s only because I’m reading in the google reader.

  8. Roz said

    I am! I’m so excited to hear what you’ve been up to busy lady! Sending love to you, your hubby and gorgeous baby girl!

  9. YAY YAY!!! I’m here still!

  10. Rachel said

    WooHoo!! Can’t wait to see the new blog! =)

  11. Kellie said

    Yes, I’m here!

    I was actually going to email you to see what you were up to. I’m so glad to hear that you will be back soon. I’m also anxious to here about your “project” and all the things you’ve been working on during your break from blogging.



  12. Le'Ann said

    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to seeing the new blog. πŸ™‚

  13. michelle said

    still here

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