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#1 ~ 6 Feet Over – Alive and Kickin’

Have you ever been so excited that you immediately set up a new blog and start randomly spitting out words to try to express yourself? I’m sure what I’m writing right now will come out like an overly enthused teenaged girl ranting about the latest boy crush…I may be 33, but anyone who knows me is well aware that I still have that annoying 16 year old girl energy. It comes in handy at times, so I won’t apologize.

I was just given (10:17 pm – 2 hours ago to be exact) the BIG GREEN LIGHT on a project that is a topper on my bucket list. Yeah, you’re probably thinking, “Oh that’s just wonderful. Another lofty goal that most likely will go untouched. Poor thing is blogging now and thinks she’ll actually go somewhere with it.” Well, if that was your thought, shame on you and you can gracefully dismiss yourself. 😉 If you’re along for the ride, feel free to leave a comment and make yourself known. I may need your input later….actually, I need your input now…I don’t like the term ‘bucket list’ – I want something that refers to living more than kicking the bucket. Discuss….

The challenging and somewhat fun part about this blog…I won’t be able to say what the BIG NEWS is in detail. ME KEEP A SECRET??? Maybe THAT should be on my bucket list. I’m the one who can’t handle Christmas presents under the tree….I want to rip into everything and share all the good news. I can’t. Hmph….

photo by patapia1

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley

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