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#23 ~ Melody’s attempt to be short and sweet …

Before I get started, I would like to thank everyone who left such wonderfully supportive and kind comments on the recent post about my husband’s story. Although my life is pretty much an open book, I still hesitate to share sometimes. I think reality TV makes me censor things that I blog about…I mean, who wants to hang everything out for the world to see other than the ‘Real Housewives’ and those Jersey girls. heh heh

I’ll keep this update short and sweet. (Right now you’re saying, “Yeah right, since when does Melody know the definition of short, both figuratively and literally?”)

The Project:

We are securing the person who will be handling the largest part of the ‘project’…the website. We have things lined up and ready to go on almost every other level, but the website is extraordinarily complicated. Whenever we think we have things mapped out for it, we come up of something else that needs to be addressed. It’s going to be amazing, but it’s going to take some time.

I’m not a fan of ‘hurry up and wait’…I like to keep things movin’ and shakin’ so this part of my journey is teaching me patience. Patience is not a road I take often. I’m the one who jogs quickly down the moving walkways at airports when I’m not in a hurry.  I can’t even stand how long it’s taking me to type this blog post right now. Needless to say, every time I have to wait on a portion of the project, I get antsy. My foot is tapping right now and I don’t have Restless Leg Syndrome.

Mr. Pres recently met with a well-known national company who will be playing a big role in the ‘project’. I’m still working on all the details for the plethora of ‘products’ (for lack of a better term) we’ll offer. I have a mad spreadsheet set up that is kicking my butt.

I’ve been interviewing more people who will play a vital role in the ‘project’ launch. They’re lined up and ready to go. We are just waiting for a few more things to unfold before the mad dash to the finish line begins.

Many of you have been asking when the project will launch. That’s a great question. Mr. Pres and VP would like to kick this off as soon as possible, but we’re still working on how possible ‘soon’ will be. We’re hoping sometime this Summer or Fall. As the project progresses, I’ll be able to share more info though.

I’ve told both Pres and VP about this blog and I’m sure they visit it from time to time….so, EVERYONE SAY HI! :::::waves hand::::::

Another quick thank you before I wrap things up….everyone who gave input on THIS POST really helped our thought process in an area of the ‘project’ we’re working on. Since you all did such a great job, I’ll be coming back for more ideas. I’m a fan of taking polls and actually listening to the people….which is why I never went into politics.

Project #2:

The creator of ‘project #2‘ has a goal to meet with me on a regular basis. She hopes to finalize ‘things’ (I hate having to keep secrets…this is hard) by October. We have a lot of work to do and it’s all so very exciting! I just may be contacting my old theatre teacher for some coaching even though I won’t have to ‘act’ much.

Extras…no charge:

On a side note, I’ve been following my photographer’s blog. She is on a trip to Africa to photograph an adoption! I find myself constantly checking for updates. It’s an amazing adventure! She had the honor of photo journaling an adoption in India as well. The family’s story brought me to tears, especially when they were able to bring their daughter home. I can’t wait to break out the tissues when these parents introduce their son to his new siblings!

One more side note (see, I told you I’m not good at the whole ‘short and sweet’ thing), I’ve finally set up my Google Reader so that I can visit all you bloggers that so kindly visit me. As you may have already noticed, I only have time to blog 2-3 times a week. I may not be able to visit you daily, but I’ll definitely make my rounds. I’ve been finding some fabulous blogs out there. Who needs TV when you’ve got so much awesome reading material out there? Oh wait, I need TV…or should I say, for the sake of my insanity, I need occasional episodes of Max & Ruby, Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer for my two year old.

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#15 ~ Photo shoot, 4 hour call, project #2 and a giveaway…

OK, lots to cover so I’ll just dive in…

I had another fabulous coffee date with my girls Jessie and Blair yesterday at Starbucks. Love this weekly tradition we’ve started. We talked and laughed way too loudly which caused management to turn the background music up. Sad to say, this isn’t the first time in my life that’s happened. 😉 We sat next to another gentleman on a laptop … he didn’t put earphones on though. Instead, he joined us in conversation. In my opinion, if you’re talking that loud, you’re giving the invitation for others to join in. I’m totally cool with that.

Had an extraordinarily FUN photo shoot with Jessie. If you want a sneak peek, click HERE.  It even involved me walking into a tree…for real. Seriously, these things happen when you’re 6 feet tall and you wear 4 inch heeled boots. I’ll be using these photos to spruce up this blog soon (blog makeover coming) and when needed for the project. Jessie did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see all the shots. If you need an awesome photographer, look her up. She travels for photo sessions, too…like AROUND THE WORLD. I stayed up until an ungodly hour reading about her journey to India where she captured every detail of an amazing adoption. I don’t suggest starting to read it at 1:30 am…you may become too emotional to fall asleep after. Just sayin’. 😉

I slept in late this morning (thank you dear husband for allowing me to do so) because I was on a four hour call with Mr. Pres last night. I got off the phone around midnight and didn’t fall asleep until after 2:00 am. I was just too excited. We made lots of progress. I received the approval on some PR and ad proposals I brought to the table. We’re getting lots of legal matter done, too. We’re also solidifying a relationship with a ginormously known company. Ugh…I hate keeping secrets! I am getting pretty good at it though.

Speaking of how well I’m keeping secrets…I’ll now add project #2 to the mix. I was contacted yesterday in regards to another enormous project, which of course, I can’t go into detail about yet.  Let’s just say that it involves TV. I’m meeting with the creator tomorrow afternoon. It may not pan out in the long run, but it’s exciting to have been approached with the opportunity. The adventure of it all is worth it even if it doesn’t come to fruition.

Now on to the ‘giveaway’ portion of this blog post. I’m SO SUPER EXCITED (picture me practically jumping up and down) about Monday’s motivational interview. The woman being interviewed was on ABC’s Shark Tank last week and she’s offered to do a fun giveaway that will add a little ‘bounce’ to your life….and I’m not talking dryer sheets. 😉

I want to thank everyone for the awesomely supportive emails, comments, private messages, etc. Really, you don’t know how much encouragement you’re giving me. To my fellow bloggers, I haven’t had much time to visit lately, but I will soon. 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

headshot photo by jessie baldwin

photo by spekulator

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley

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