#4 ~ Planes, Trains and Automobiles….and trees

I’m thoroughly convinced that some things happen just so I can blog about it…because who misses a flight, narrowly avoids being run over by a train (well, not really, but it sounds fabulously dramatic), gets hit by a tree and then is crowned “the most interesting people I’ve ever met” all within 46 hours? Yours truly.

You’ll have to read the last entry to understand how completely excited I was to get out of town. (Catch yourself up now if you haven’t already done so…it will only take 3 minutes and there’s no homework involved, I promise.) You’d expect some awesome butterflies in the tummy and some excitement jitters, but add to the mix realizing you forgot your wallet at home as you arrive to the airport and you get one mad herd of buffalo stampeding from your esophagus all the way through your large intestines.

Yup, I’m the genius who changed purses 5 minutes before leaving the house which resulted in my wallet sitting on the kitchen counter. Oh and don’t get me started on printing out your boarding pass the night before…that was done, but that’s another story. And in case you’re wondering, I did think of the airport scene from Dumb & Dumber when Jim Carrey yells out, “Move it or lose it, Sister!” while trampling innocent bystanders when I thought I still had hope of making the flight after my wallet was retrieved. Although tempted, I refrained from duplicating it.

Now on to the ‘trains’ portion of the blog entry: Lesson #1 – Do not listen to Melody. Well, wait…listen to Melody, but don’t listen to her if she screams out “JAYWALK!”

The stage: Nice Italian restaurant.
The cast: Five 30-something gorgeous (heh heh) women.
The scene: The stunning ladies must leave dining establishment at a rabbit’s pace, catch train type transit ASAP to make it back to hotel to catch the shuttle (automobile portion of the story) in order to make it to the airport in time for departing flight…

YES, I thought that we could safely jaywalk in order to catch the train that had already arrived across the street. YES, I was wrong. NO, we weren’t hit by moving vehicles. YES, there did happen to be an officer RIGHT IN FRONT OF US as we jaywalked. YES, I plead guilty to being an idiot, not being ‘from here’ and apologized profusely. YES, there was another train heading in the opposite direction (which was already stopped) that honked at us for what seemed to be hours. YES, the train driver shook his head a gazillion times at us. YES, the fine officer let us go after the train safely passed by.  NO, he did not give us the $500 ticket he said he could have issued. YES, after it was all over we laughed about it while I made a mental note not to tell my daughter of the story until after her teenage years.

Now the ‘tree’ … The climate was quite chilly, in fact, cold enough to freeze our eyeballs. We  laughed about previous train incident and praised the Lord for still being alive. While walking quickly, as to not become human popsicles, one of us walked her six foot self into a tree branch. Everyone else passed under gracefully, completely oblivious to the fact that a tree even stood there. These types of things happen when you’re tall. Just sayin’.

We made it back to the hotel and were greeted by our kind young gentleman driver who was waiting for us. After piling in the van, we immediately jibber jabbered enough to cause a complete stranger to not only chuckle consistently, but most likely cast judgment upon our sanity. A couple jokes were shouted from the back as well as an immediate, “I hope you weren’t offended by that,” to the driver, in which he replied, “Not at all…I might use that one, if ya don’t mind!”

As we approached the airport I just had to ask, “So, were we the most interesting crew you’ve driven today?”

He once again chuckled then crowned us with, “You’re the most interesting group of people I’ve ever met!”

Of course, I took this as a complement. (By the way, hello Chris! — It’s not a shocker that I gave him the web address to the blog. Let’s just see if he visits.)

So, I missed the flight and caught the next, but that still resulted in a missed tour of the facility with VP. I did have a productive conference call with him and Mr. Pres.  I now have my homework for the week. I’ll be blogging about what I can. This whole ‘keeping it secret’ thing is way harder for me than it is you, trust me.

This project is SO big and every now and then I feel so small…despite the fact that I’m tall enough to walk into tree branches.

photo by cflart

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Heather Fair said

    You lie it is not harder on you….I didn’t sleep all night cuz I couldn’t wait to read all about it…granted I don’t sleep anyways…I am totally blaming it on you today anyways….

    There are times in ones life though that God has given us things that we have dreamed about and they seem huge..Bigger then something little ole us should have…

    But those time are when we are in our “Greatness” and you can handle it…its the old saying “God does not give us more then we can handle”…and you can handle this…You are awesome and great…and I am crazy excited for you to live in Greatness…

  2. Jessica Graybill said

    Ha ha ha ha…I could totally picture the whole scene…

  3. Melissa said

    Very exciting trip! I still want to know more…I’m not very patient… 🙂

  4. Tiffany said

    As I’m reading this (and ‘cuz I’ve known you for so long!!!!) I can totally picture ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of this happening to you. Especially the tree bit…. Melody Grace-FUL you are not my tall amiga.

    I’m very excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about whatever the heck it is you are working on.

  5. Sharon said

    You are killing me Mel!! Does John still claim to know you?? I just know he is shaking his head and smiling.

  6. Kim said

    Still patiently waiting as the others are…. 🙂

  7. Veronica King said

    MeLoDy!!!! You are killing me! I can only imagine … what with all your drive and determination! Whatever it is I am so happy that you are so happy! Good luck! and Congrats!!!
    Oh and by the way… I did that exact same thing and missed my plane… Well I missed the whole trip!

  8. Wow, what a trip! I am glad you are home safe and sound with no more trees, trains, or planes to deal with for a little while.
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog, your reading style is very enjoyable and I’m intrigued what’s next for you.

  9. Michele said

    very interesting and not to mention entertaining!! Great start to a monday morning;)

  10. Chrystal said

    I have been replaying the trip in my head since we returned and I am still laughing out loud, by the time we landed I had a cramp in my side from our constant laughing!!!! What a dangerous group of girl we are 🙂 Thanks for a great time … so glad Chris was our driver that day cause if not we could have seriously offended him to the point of no return… I think anyone else would have dropped us off at the curb and said walk to VEGAS or Im calling SA-CURR-I-TEEE lol (also known as Security) Thanks for a great trip, so glad you went!!

  11. Kristin said

    I guess being short has its advantages in some situations huh?!
    P.S. I jay walk everytime we go to Disneyland and I am always afraid I am going to get caught! lol

  12. Courtney said

    Sounds like an awesome good time to me! Heh heh

  13. Chrystal said

    Hey Court.. are you telling me you dont remember?? lol If so maybe we need an intervention lol j/k Im glad you were there too!!!

  14. Kim said

    Sounds like me and my group of friends! I think I have to go back a few posts to catch up on this secret thing though.

  15. Candice Jaehn said

    I might not read anymore for the fact that I’m dying to know whats going on! 😉 Sounds like a lot of fun!

  16. Terrah said

    LOL! I have been in a similar situation. Unfortunately it happens quite often in Dallas. Boo.

  17. jess said

    Oh Mel. Mel. Mel. Mel. hahaha

  18. Roni Marie said

    I want to know how the conference call went…Yikes! This is pretty exciting stuff. When is the big reveal? How long are you going to torture us? he he he

  19. Devra said

    Melody, the suspense is driving me crazy! I can’t wait to read more about this HUGE opportunity you are being blessed with. You have me on the edge of my seat. God bless you!

  20. Andrea said

    That is a great story! Things like that just don’t happen to me, of course, maybe they do, I just couldn’t write about it like you do! Thanks for the laugh!

  21. Kerry said

    I’m exhausted just reading this entry. GET SOME REST.

  22. Jenene said


  23. Roz said

    You totally crack me up! I thought I was the only crazy things happen to you!

  24. Tanya said

    Yay! I DID guess right! Nice to meet you, fellow 6 footer! 😉

  25. ALE518 said

    LTB…not a surprise at all…I’m sure your laughter during was heard blocks away! 😉

  26. Anna said

    “cold enough to freeze our eyeballs,” LOL! I might use that one if ya don’t mind 😉

  27. […] VP and Web Dude. I’m gathering more data for the graphic designer(s) and trying to tame the butterflies in my tummy. All of this is so exciting! I’m hoping to give a good clue next week, but just know, you […]

  28. […] Web Dude again. I’m gathering more data for the graphic designer(s) and trying to tame the butterflies in my tummy. All of this is so exciting! I’m hoping to give a good clue next week, but just know, you […]

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