#33 ~ Motivation Monday – The World Traveler, Jennifer Angus

How many of you have thought about just putting everything aside and traveling the world? And when I say ‘putting everything aside,’ of course I don’t mean dropping the kids off at Grandma’s and taking off. heh heh

Jennifer takes us on a wild adventure with one of the items that was on her bucket list.

Please return your seats to their upright position, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to live vicariously through her…


Bucket List [buhk-it list] – noun

  • a wish list of things to do before one  ”kicks the bucket.”


Melody: Tell us a little about yourself…

Jennifer: I’m a 34 year old woman named Jennifer Angus.  I’ve lived in Las Vegas since I was 4 years old.  I have an older brother and sister.   My family is pretty big now with 3 nieces and 2 nephews.  I love the internet, anime, dancing, music and arts and crafts.

Melody: What is one item you’ve checked off your bucket list?

Jennifer: I backpacked around the world with my boyfriend.  We visited most of Southeast Asia, the East Coast of Australia, Italy, France and England.

Melody: Wow, fascinating! I’ve always wanted to see Italy and I would love to eat Brie in Paris! When did backpacking around the world become a goal of yours?

Jennifer: I think most people have this dream.  I just thought it would happen someday.  I met my boyfriend Ivan in 2007.  I think he asked me in 2008 if I wanted to travel around the world with him for a year.  I thought he was nuts!  It meant giving up my job and leaving my family and friends for a whole year.  But, I thought why not?!  Everybody wants to travel around the world, but how many people actually do it?  I don’t want to have any regrets when I’m older.

Melody: Love what you just said, “I don’t want to have any regrets when I’m older.” We should live everyday like that. Why was achieving this dream so important to you?

Jennifer: I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  I was very scared of the unknown.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like backpacking.  I didn’t know if I could be away from my family for that long.  I didn’t know if my boyfriend and I would get along during traveling.  I really wanted to travel the world to learn about new cultures and see new places.

Melody: At any point, did you think you wouldn’t be able go through with it?

Jennifer: I had a lot of doubts before going.  I didn’t know if I would like backpacking and then come back to Vegas after a few months.  I never wanted to give up though. I knew this would be one of the boldest things I did, but it would be worth it in the end.

Melody: Definitely bold and totally worth it! What kept you going?

Jennifer: I loved exploring new cities and town.  It was very exciting having fun adventures with my boyfriend.  I was lucky to do other things on my bucket list while on the trip like taking a mud bath, riding a train, jumping off a cliff, riding an elephant, driving an elephant, white water rafting, going to a horse race, trying to surf, taking cooking classes and trying new foods like Nasi Goreng or Pad See Ew.

Melody: Pad See Ew? Umm, anything with “Ew” in it has to be adventurous! I have to Google that! What advice would you have for people striving to reach their goals?

Jennifer: Don’t give up!  If you have doubts, try to think positive thoughts.  Remember what your goal is, envision it and imagine how you’ll feel once you accomplish it.

Melody: Wonderful advice, Jennifer! What are some other things on your bucket list you hope to accomplish?

Jennifer: I have so much I want to do!  I want to travel to even more places like India, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Ireland, etc.  I actually have an idea for an invention and hope to bring to fruition and sell it.  I want to visit all 50 US states which I crossed off a few states recently on a road trip of the USA .

Melody: What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

Jennifer: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Mahatma Gandhi

I think you should try as many things as possible while you can.  I also think that we never stop learning.  We should continue learning all through our life.

Melody: Jennifer, thank you for sharing your amazing adventure with us! I’ll admit, there are places I want to visit, but I sometimes feel I’ll chicken out because I’m just too comfy in my own surroundings.  I’ve been to England and would love to go back…and then hop on over to several surrounding countries. I hope to one day have a story similar to yours even if it’s only half of what you’ve done!

Follow Jennifer’s blog for more amazing adventures! She’s always on the go go go!

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  1. Mari said

    I can’t imagine doing that. It really is bold and I’m sure she has memories from it for life!

    • Jen said

      I had an awesome time!! I have tons of memories! Thank goodness for the blog or I’d forget everything I did!

  2. Rachel said

    Wow!! What an adventure!! Sounds so fun!! By the way, Melody, check out my blogroll when you get a chance to see who’s at the very top of the list!! 😉

  3. Kerry said

    I’ve know Jennifer since elementary school and it was so fun to find her on Facebook and Twitter while she was traveling the world – to see her updates and read her blog! You should totally check out her blog to see many, many, many more pictures of her adventures! I totally envy her. . .

    • Jen said

      You need to go travel too Kerry!! Thanks for reading my updates and the blog!

  4. Jennifer,

    That is amazing! How wonderful to see things and experience things that most of us see and experience only through the television and magazines!

    • Jen said

      I was so lucky to be able to travel to sooo many places. I think everybody should go travel as much as possible and see this big world of ours!

  5. Martha said

    Wow! This is so impressive!
    Melody, thanks for stopping by The Motivation Station today for my Motivation Monday – I think I like yours better! How inspirational!
    What a fun and different thing you have going on here. I love it! 🙂

  6. What an amazing young woman, thank you for sharing her story, I appreciate it. Thank you also for stopping by the Motivation Station too.

    • Jen said

      Thanks! Thanks for reading my story.

  7. Date Girl said

    I’m so envious! I’ve always wanted to travel, but I could never go for that long. I have so much respect for Jennifer! Way to go even when you were nervous and scared.

    • Jen said

      You should go travel. You don’t have to go as long as I did. Do what’s comfortable for you. I was scared but I did it anyway!! I loved traveling with my boyfriend. I’m glad he’s backpacked before so he helped me along the way!

  8. This makes me feel like I should put something interesting on my bucket list. Or have a bucket list….

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