#26 ~ Introducing Mr. Pres, VP and Web Dude!!

Let me preface this post with the fact that it’s late and I’m not planning on proofreading. My eyes are tired so I don’t think it would help much if I did anyhow. ha

I’m sitting in one of the most comfy beds ever in a pretty snazzy hotel. I’m completely jazzed from the day I’ve had…exhausted because I couldn’t sleep last night. I never sleep before a flight. I think I got around an hour and a half nap before my alarm went off at 5:15am.

Since it’s late and I have to get up early in the morning I’m going to try something different. Let’s call this a photo essay blog entry.

Here’s my big day in photos …


One of the reasons I couldn’t fall asleep last night was due to the “to wear the 4 inch stiletto boots or not to wear them” debate that raced through my mind. You see, I’m the one who secretly makes fun of women who wear these contraptions to airports. You can see who won the debate. Be proud though…I only packed one small bag and a laptop tote!

Resisted spending anything here, but I didn’t resist a little window shopping. Had my eye on a cute key chain, but I’m a loyal Lia Sophia jewelry girl so I didn’t even look at the bobbles .

I must admit…I was looking forward to traveling solo so that I could finally tackle the book I started reading months ago. I can’t even remember the last time I finished a book. Toddlers have a way of distracting you. Oh and by the way, The Tipping Point is AWESOME!

Hilarious little story about Mr. Pres picking me up from the airport. I texted him to say my plane had landed and he responded,

“Head straight out door 6 and cross over to the pickup. I will be in a white Malibu.”

So, I followed his directions and soon spotted said vehicle. Waved. Couldn’t see inside due to the glare. Went to the backseat to throw my bags in. The door was locked so I tapped on the window gently. The door unlocked, I opened it and a nice gentleman who was a complete stranger looks back at me and says,

“You can get in if you want, but you have the wrong car.”

::::snort laugh::::

I look up and Mr. Pres is across the street laughing. Classic!

This is Mr. Pres….he’s driving us to one of the facilities while on a conference call. Let me just tell you, this man is on conference calls 24/7….and you thought I talked alot? I’ve met my match! 😉

The next few photos are from our Super Top Secret Meeting. …

Web Dude is a part of the story now that he has received a confidentiality agreement. You’ll notice my mad skills on photo shop…I blurred out the super secret paperwork that is shown in some of the photos. Not like you could ever really make out what it said since I have an ancient iPhone with a junky camera on it…

I’m now pleased to introduce VP. He’s in deep thought…

And here’s Mr. Pres in deep thought as well. These are some serious guys, people….

Mr. Pres, Melody and VP … I think we’re talking about iPhones and apps for the iPhone…this could be a little clue to something, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Web Dude on his Mac … My Dell has Mac envy. They made fun of Dell. I don’t blame them…he’s around 83 years old in computer years, but he’s still kickin’!

Our meeting with Web Dude was highly productive. I wish you could see the excitement on my face right now. I really cannot believe that we’re at this point…this is really happening!

After our powwow, we went back to the facility where VP gave me a tour. Now, don’t get too wrapped up in the tour because it’s somewhat not related to the project, but that’s all I’m saying about that…

We ended the evening at a fabulous Italian restaurant where VP chose a rather fine wine. Highly suggest it. Thanks, again for the fabulous dinner! (Yes, this photo is evidence of a bad cell camera…I know.)

Well, it’s late…I really must get to bed since the alarm is set for way-too-early-o’clock. Can’t wait to see what the next chapter of the project holds. I should have more to update within the next week.

I still can’t believe that things are rollin’! Somebody pinch me!

Ni Ni

©2010 Melody G. Fritchley


  1. Courtney said

    Grinning from ear to ear!!! So excited for you! And also, remind me to kick your butt for getting me hooked on Chain Rxn. Travel safe!!!

  2. Mari said

    It’s great to hear from you again, and to know you are moving forward with the project! I’m getter curioser (is that a word?) all the time!
    I love the boots, and am also a big fan of Lia Sophia jewelry.

    • Melody said

      “Curioser” sure, it’s a word…just like the word I use all the time – “ginormous’! hehehe LOVE Lia Sophia….I’m an advisor for the company actually. Just did a show tonight. 🙂


  3. Totally curious as to what you are up to! And I totally have purse and boot envy after that first photo. I LOVE when I get to travel alone. I love flying alone and reading my book and checking into my OWN hotel room. I think maybe I need to plan a “me” trip sometime soon!

    • Melody said

      Yes, do a “me” trip…it will do wonders for you!


  4. Roni Marie said

    Wow, Melody…how exciting~! I am so happy that you are seeing this dream to fruition…you inspire me. BTW, loved Tipping Point…


  5. Roz Rucker said

    I am so proud of you and so excited! I can’t wait to hear all the details. Have a good flight home.

  6. LeighAnne said

    I just want to know when we get to know!! Very exciting!! I’m happy for you and the future success of your project!!

    • Melody said

      We should have a much better idea of when this will be able to launch after Web Dude goes over everything we discussed with him. That doesn’t help you much, huh? hehe


  7. Tiffany said

    SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter is going to be…

    Also, do all these men you met with realize that they were ALL wearing striped button down shirts? Just curious…

    • Melody said

      HA! When I read Mr. Pres your comment he said, “Now we need to wear striped button down shirts for every photo op!”

      Look what you started!


  8. Does the Prez realize how hot his hands are?? =)

    • Melody said

      LOL Yes, he does now…He has read the comments here and thinks it’s hilarious!


  9. KellieS said

    I think it’s great that a woman over six feet tall would wear four inch heels…

    Power play on your part.

    Congrats on moving forward with your project.

  10. Kim said

    That is so funny! I noticed the hot hands too on Mr. Prez! So happy for you!!!

  11. I haven’t read a book in a while either. That’s great you could squeeze it in amid being so busy with your project.

    Does the TSA consider those stilettos a threat?

    • Melody said

      BWWWAHAHAHAA I’m surprised they DON’T consider stilettos a threat! They should…I could most definitely take an eye out with them considering how tall I am and how high I can kick! ha!


  12. This all sounds very intriguing! What are you up to?

  13. I all have to say is that its great that your writing and updating again. I do miss the Motivational Mondays. I can’t wait to find out what all the intrigue is about. Congrats. Keep updating us. Not hearing anything is killing some of your readers.

  14. Andrea said

    I can’t wait to hear more! I am very excited for you Melody!

  15. Kerry said

    I can’t wear heels to save my life, but I have the most adorable and eclectic collection of flats you’ve ever seen!

    Kudos to you on striving towards your dreams!

  16. Melissa said

    So exciting! I think they are all in striped shirts to confuse us…haha! Glad things are moving along so hopefully we can find out soon! It is driving us crazy you know!!!! Very excited for you and inspired by you for following your dreams!

  17. […] this month, I blogged about my trip to see Mr. Pres, VP and Web Dude. VP and Web Dude live in the same state. Mr. Pres and I live across the country from each other, so […]

  18. Julie said

    So exciting! When in the world are you going to be able to tell us what it is? I must admit, though, I love how secretive you are being by not showing the faces of the Big-Wigs…all I can picture on the “Suit” is a big Jack-in-the-Box head like in the commercials. Haha!

    • Melody said

      BWWWHAHAHAHA That’s HILARIOUS! Now I’m picturing him with the Jack-in-the-Box head, too!


  19. Jen said

    I love the boots and the purse! Ahhh, I want to know more about the project. It’s torture. Not showing anybody’s faces reminds me of the cartoon Peanuts.. where the adults are never shown and you only hear BLAH BLAH BLAH when they talk.

  20. […] starting with my favorite comment of the week. I’m still cracking up and Mr. Pres is laughing, […]

  21. newrene said

    Sounds so exciting! I love travelling alone – I seem to produce my greatest thoughts and plans when I have the time to think away from the office & DH. I love your description of Dell years – hmmm… mine must be 109 by now…

  22. […] for the green light to meet up in person with Mr. Pres, VP and Web Dude. I’m gathering more data for the graphic designer(s) and trying to tame the butterflies in my […]

  23. […] starting with my favorite comment of the week. I’m still cracking up and Mr. Pres is laughing, […]

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